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Inclement Weather Alert

Due to inclement weather the operating status of Gallaudet University and the Clerc Center has changed:

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Gallaudet University: Closed
KDES: Closed
MSSD: Closed

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Gallaudet University: Opening at 10 am
All classes beginning at 9:30 am will begin at 10 am.

KDES: Closed
MSSD: Opening at 10 am

Posted 3/21/2018 at 7:29 PM


Gallaudet Student Stories

Students come from throughout the United States and the world to experience the incredible opportunities at Gallaudet.

Kayla Dufrene

Interning with Senator Vitter

Mary Harman

“Interning at the FCC’s Disability Rights Office showed me that this is where my passion lies.”

Andrew Morrill

“When you do an internship abroad, I think it’s doubly beneficial. First, you get work experience, and the added benefit is exposure to the culture, people and everything else that’s special about the...

Corinna Hill

Advocating for the Rights of Deaf Prisoners -- Several Gallaudet University students are working to improve the American justice system for the deaf by interning with Helping Educate to Advance the...

Patricia Suarez

Helping Celebrities Do What They Do Best -- Famous athletes like 22-time Olympic Gold Medal-winning swimmer Michael Phelps don't have time to deal with everyday responsibilities like paying bills, so...

Interns on Capitol Hill

Interns Making a Difference -- Gallaudet students Tiasha Bera, Daniel Heidemeyer, and Matthew Fein helped educate congressional officials and staff on December 12 about working and hiring deaf and hard...