Undergraduate Standard Admissions Procedures

Office of Admissions

Edward Miner Gallaudet Building
Website: https://www.gallaudet.edu/undergraduate-admissions
Email: admissions.office@gallaudet.edu

800-995-0550 (TTY, Voice)
202-250-2474 (VP)
202-651-5744 (Fax)

Gallaudet University invites deaf, hard of hearing, and hearing students from diverse backgrounds to apply to its undergraduate education program.   Deaf and hard of hearing applicants who have no knowledge of sign language are welcome to apply. Hearing applicants should be proficient in American Sign Language when applying.

Gallaudet, located in the nation's capital, offers students access to visual language in an academically stimulating environment and provides opportunities to actively participate as a leader, team member, and/or athlete among peers. Gallaudet capitalizes on its liberal arts education to provide resources and opportunities for students to prepare for advanced studies and achieve professional career success on and off campus. The University offers relevant majors/programs that meet the demands of the employment market; provides challenging and competitive internship opportunities; and maintains an extensive career center focused on lifelong support for our students and graduates. Student graduates leave the University as well-rounded global citizens of the 21st century.

When applying for admission, applicants should review this section of the catalog in order to become familiar with the university admissions procedures, student classifications, post-acceptance information, and programs.