Non-Clinical M.S. in Hearing, Speech and Language Sciences

The non-clinical M.S. in Hearing, Speech, and Language Sciences provides, at the discretion of the department, a degree in Hearing, Speech, and Language Sciences for full-time students who will not pursue the standard curriculum in audiology or speech-language pathology that would lead to obtaining the credentials required for clinical practice (e.g. ASHA certification, state licensure, etc.). This degree is available to two groups of students:

    1. Newly admitted students who wish to obtain a non-clinical master's degree in hearing, speech, and language sciences, and
    2. Students who start in the Clinical Audiology (Au.D.) or Speech-Language Pathology program, who have satisfactorily completed at least forty-nine credit hours of non-clinical coursework and have satisfied all other non-clinical requirements of the program.

Students should contact the department for details about this program.