Academic Advising and Tutoring

Academic Advising

Jordan Student Academic Center, Room 2220
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The Academic Advising Office at Gallaudet University supports and facilitates undergraduate students' transition and integration into college by assisting in the development of appropriate educational plans consistent with academic, career, and personal goals.  The office promotes the personal growth of students by instilling in them a sense of responsibility and independence, as well as respecting and appreciating various communication and cultural backgrounds. 

Academic/Career Advisors provide academic and career advising for undeclared students and walk-in service for any other students. Prior to arrival at Gallaudet University during New Student Orientation, each student is assigned to an advisor in the Academic Advising Office. Academic and career advising includes individual and group advising for new students, course registration, new student interviews, academic planning meetings, interest and personality testing, and assistance in selecting an academic major that best matches the student's values, interests, personality, and skills. A student will remain with the same advisor until he/she declares a major. At that time, the student transfers to a faculty advisor within the department of the major.

Academic/Career Advisors work extensively with academic departments on academic policies, procedures, and curriculum. Advisors are available to faculty, parents, vocational rehabilitation counselors, and professionals on and off campus for information sharing and other academic and career advising concerns.

Tutorial & Instructional Programs

Jordan Student Academic Center, Room 1221
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Tutorial & Instructional Programs (TIP) at Gallaudet University provides an open and safe learning environment for students who request tutorial assistance. Through bilingual instruction and the use of a variety academic techniques by qualified tutors, students will learn to develop confidence, maneuver through the appropriate resources and excel at practicing the necessary skills which are essential to student retention.

TIP provides tutoring, coaching, and instructional support services for all undergraduate and graduate students at no charge. TIP is accredited by the College Reading and Learning Association (CRLA). All tutors and coaches are trained and certified by CRLA's International Tutor Certification Program.

The following services are provided by TIP:

  • ASL Coaching
  • English Coaching
  • Group Tutoring
  • Math Coaching
  • One-on-One Tutoring