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Minor in Writing

Admission to the Writing Minor Requirements:

  • A grade of B or better in a writing course;
  • Recommendation from one English instructor;
  • One writing sample;
  • An unofficial transcript; and
  • A statement of interest in the writing minor.

All of these materials are to be given to the major/minor coordinator. Admission to the minor is conditional upon review by the major/minor coordinator. Students who are not approved by the major/minor coordinator may appeal to the department chair.  Courses taken to satisfy major requirements in English cannot be counted toward the Writing minor.

To graduate in the program, writing minors must maintain a GPA of 2.0 or better in their minor coursework. Writing minors are also expected to demonstrate academic and personal integrity in major coursework and interactions with faculty and peers, as specified in the University's and department's Academic and Personal Integrity Policies. Violations of either will result in probation for the remainder of the student's minor coursework, in addition to other penalties deemed appropriate by the instructor and/or Major/Minor Review Committee. Further violations will result in dismissal from the minor, in addition to other penalties deemed appropriate by the instructor and/or Major/Minor Review Committee. Students may appeal such decisions to the department chair and/or university Academic Integrity Committee.

Required pre-minor course 3 hours

ENG 250Introduction to Public and Professional Writing3

Required courses 15 hours

Choose five courses:

ENG 360Writing for Digital Media3
ENG 365Writing for Social Media3
ENG 370Multimedia Composition3
ENG 375Media Literacy3
ENG 380Business and Technical Writing3
ENG 385Fundamentals of Journalism3
ENG 390Theories of Composition and Language Acquisition3
ENG 392Creative Writing [Topic to be specified]3
ENG 460English Grammar for Writers & Future Teachers3
ENG 495Special Topics [topic to be specified]1-5
ENG 499Independent Study1-3
THE 342Introduction to Playwriting3
  • Total: 18 hours

Note: ENG 320 Field Experience (3) or a consortium course (3 credit hours) may substitute for one elective.


ENG 250 - Introduction to Public and Professional Writing (3)

Surveys genres and modalities of professional writing, including social media and writing for the web. Provides an overview of areas such as digital publishing, new media journalism, business and technical writing, and editing. Develops a rhetorical understanding of professional writing as the ability to write in response to elements including audience, purpose, medium, and design.

  • Prerequisite: GSR 102 and permission of the instructor.

ENG 360 - Writing for Digital Media (3)

Study and intensive practice of writing in digital environments, with a focus on journalistic contexts. Examines technical and rhetorical features of online environments, including interactivity, hyperlinking, spatial orientation, and non-linear storytelling. Focuses on the writing conventions and standards of digital media, as well as editing techniques and competencies.

  • Prerequisite: ENG 250 or permission of the instructor.

ENG 365 - Writing for Social Media (3)

Study and intensive practice of writing in social media genres such as blogs and tweets. Examines rhetorical conventions for digital communication and the dissemination of information through social media for professional purposes, including developing a business social media strategy. Integrates editing techniques and competencies. May also cover theoretical issues such as copyright and authorship, visual literacy, and collaborative online environments.

  • Prerequisite: ENG 250 or permission of the instructor.

ENG 370 - Multimedia Composition (3)

Study and intensive practices of inventing, shaping, producing, and delivering text, audio, video, and images aesthetically and purposefully. Examines various genres of and technical platforms for multimedia composition. Integrates editing techniques and competencies. May also cover theoretical issues relevant to digital media such as universal access and participatory culture.

  • Prerequisite: ENG 250 or permission of the instructor.

ENG 375 - Media Literacy (3)

Study of media literacy, including techniques and strategies used to analyze the use of diverse media to inform, entertain, and sell. Examines diverse media messages in advertisements, television, film, newspapers, magazines, and the Internet.

  • Prerequisite: GSR 102

ENG 380 - Business and Technical Writing (3)

Study and intensive practice of professional writing skills and genres, such as resumes, letters of application, emails, memos, proposals, short and long reports, and manuals. Designed for students in English Department programs.

  • Prerequisite: ENG 250 or permission of the instructor.

ENG 385 - Fundamentals of Journalism (3)

This course will deal with these features: news, feature, and editorial writing; copy editing and fact checking; headline writing; and page layout, both in print and online. This course touches on the growing possibilities and ethical considerations for journalism in the digital age.

  • Prerequisite: GSR 102

ENG 390 - Theories of Composition and Language Acquisition (3)

Surveys theories of composition and language acquisition, with the aim of providing a context for students interested in teaching professions. Examines current cognitive studies of how people learn and use language. Students will write compositions following the different approaches studied.

  • Prerequisite: GSR 102

ENG 392 - Creative Writing [Topic to be specified] (3)

Study and intensive practice of writing fiction, drama, poetry, and other creative forms. Analysis and critique of students' writings in group and individual conferences. May be repeated for a maximum of nine credit hours if topics differ.

  • Prerequisite: GSR 102

ENG 460 - English Grammar for Writers & Future Teachers (3)

Advanced study of English grammar, structure, and usage. Focuses on applying the principles of grammar in one's own writing and in the teaching of writing. Reinforces students' cognitive knowledge of English grammar. Also covers skills and technical aspects of editing.

  • Prerequisite: ENG 208

ENG 495 - Special Topics [topic to be specified] (1-5)

Special topics in the discipline, designed primarily for seniors. May be repeated for credit if topics differ.

  • Prerequisite: permission of the instructor

ENG 499 - Independent Study (1-3)

Individual work for juniors and seniors in an area of special interest; designed and carried out by the student in consultation with the instructor.

  • Prerequisite: Permission of the instructor.

THE 342 - Introduction to Playwriting (3)

An introduction to the basic principles of creating plays for the stage. Various ways of making a play will be explored through writing, improvisations, collaboration with other writers and/or actors, videotapes, and adaptations of other literary forms (poetry, fiction, nonfiction) into dramatic forms.

  • Prerequisite: THE101 or permission of the instructor.
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