Shared Governance: Committee on Academic Affairs

Updated January 2018


Assure compliance by the University with the spirit and intent of the Acts of Congress.


This Committee has the following authority:

  • Consider and recommend
    • policies related to the addition and deletion of major academic programs
    • policies regarding appointment, promotion, tenure, sabbatical leave and dismissal of faculty members; and
    • individuals for continuous tenure upon recommendation of the administration
  • Evaluate academic, research, and service programs in concept, in process, and in terms of impact on deaf and hard of hearing persons
  • Reports to the Board of Trustees


NameTitle / Role
Dr. Jorge Diaz-Herrera Chair
Ms. Claire Bugen Member
Dr. Linda Campbell Member
Ms. Claudia Gordon Member
Dr. Philip Kerstetter Member
Ms. Wilma Newhoudt-Druchen Member
Dr. Laurene Simms Faculty Representative
Dr. Carol Erting Provost
Ms. Tiffany Williams Ex Officio
Ms. Roberta Cordano, J.D. Ex Officio