Shared Governance: Professional Education Programs (PEP) Unit

Updated June 2015


The Professional Education Programs (PEP) Unit, has as its primary charge, the provision of programs in education or human services that seek professional education accreditation in order to prepare future professionals to work in school environments. Accreditation, both regional and specialized, is under the purview of the PEP Unit as part of its self-regulatory process of academic governance.


This Committee has the following authority:

  • The PEP Unit is the designated unit charged with the responsibility to develop both undergraduate and graduate curricula in the preparation of human services professionals. The governance system of the Professional Education Programs (PEP) Unit Faculty should be considered a separate yet complementary and cooperative venture with other schools and divisions within the University.


All full-time Gallaudet faculty within departments with responsibility for teaching, supervising, or administering programs seeking professional education accreditation shall constitute the voting membership of the PEP Unit Faculty. Currently, such Unit faculty are in the following departments or programs: Counseling, Education, Educational Foundations and Research, School Psychology, and School Social Work Members of future professional education programs are included under this definition. Chairs of departments who have professional education accredited programs shall submit annually for their program(s) a list of full-time Gallaudet faculty who should be included as PEP Unit faculty for the academic year.

NameDepartment /Academic Rank
Thangi Appanah Education/Assistant
Christi Batamula Education/Instructor
David Barclay Social Work/Professor
Marguax Delotte-Bennett Social Work/Lecturer
Marquessa Brown Social Work/Professor
Mary Diane Clark Education/Professor
Sherry Eyer Psychology/Associate
Audrey Frank Social Work/Assistant
Maribel Garate Education/Associate
Barbara Gerner de Garcia Education/Professor
Elizabeth Gibbons School Psychology/Associate
Simon Guteng Education/Associate
Amy Hile Education/Associate
Mary Hufnell Counseling/Associate
Bobbie Jo Kite Education/Instructor
Jeffery Lewis Counseling/Professor
Linda Lytle Counseling/Associate
Fred Mangrubang Education/Professor
Teresa Mason Social Work/Professor
Julie Mitchiner Education/Assistant
Bryan Miller School Psychology/Professor
Elizabeth Moore Social Work/Associate
Judith Mounty Social Work/Instructor
Regina Nuzzo School Psychology/Associate
Lawrence Pick School Psychology/Assistant
Martha Sheridan Social Work/Professor
Laurene Simms Education/Professor
Kendra Smith Counseling/Associate
SooHyun Tak Counseling/Lecturer
Kota Takayama Social Work/Instructor
Nena Theoharis Education/Associate
Tania Thomas-Presswood School Psychology/Associate
Helen Thumann Education/Professor
Samuel Weber Social Work/Lecturer
Cheryl Wu Counseling/Associate
Christina Yukins Education/Associate