Administration and Finance

Administration and Operations Manual

4.12 Sick Leave

Last Revised: 1 July 2014
Refer Questions To: Director, Human Resources


This policy applies to regular and extended temporary staff in all offices and divisions of Gallaudet University, unless specifically covered by collective bargaining agreements made between Gallaudet University and certified bargaining agents.


Paid sick leave provides eligible employees with a means of financial security during periods when medical conditions, including pregnancy related disabilities, make it impossible for the employee to work.

Regular and extended temporary staff employees earn sick leave, beginning from the first day of employment, according to the following schedule, and may be used as accrued:

Number of Paid Hours
Per Pay Period
Number of Hours Earned
Per Pay Period
80 4
60-79 3
40-59 2
20-39 1
1-19 0

Other temporary staff employees earn sick leave, beginning with the first day of employment, according to the following schedule, but may not be used until after 90 days of service:

One (1) hour of sick leave per each thirty-seven (37) hours worked (leave does not accrue while using leave), not to exceed fifty-six (56) hours per calendar year. 

In accordance with the D.C. Sick and Safe Leave Act, sick leave may be used for the following reasons:

1.  An absence resulting from a physical or mental illness, injury, or medical condition of the employee;

2.  An absence resulting from obtaining professional medical diagnosis or care or preventive medical care for the employee; or

3.  An absence for the purpose for caring for a family member who has any of the conditions or needs diagnosis or care described in numbers 1 and 2 above, not to exceed 56 hours per calendar year.

4.  An employee may also use sick leave for an absence if the employee or the employee's family member is a victim of stalking, domestic violence, or sexual abuse not to exceed 56 hours per calendar year.  The absence may be pertaining to seeking medical attention for the staff member or family member, seeking services from a victim services organization, obtaining psychological or other counseling or temporarily or permanently relocating. 

5.  An immediate family member (per the Act) is defined as a spouse, registered domestic partner, son or daughter (biological, adopted, foster, stepchild, legal ward, grandchild or a child of a person standing in loco parentis), siblings (including step-siblings and half-siblings), a parent (including step-parents or a person who has acted in loco parentis), a parent of a spouse, spouses of children, and spouses of siblings. 

Sick leave may not be borrowed in advance unless approved through the Sick Leave Loan Program. 

Faculty members who have not accrued sick leave and who are involuntarily transferred to staff status within their division are credited with a bank account of nine days of sick leave for every full year of continuous service at Gallaudet. Prior service is not recognized when establishing the bank of sick leave.

Approved by: Gallaudet University Board of Trustees


  1. The employee is required to notify his/her supervisor or a person designated by the supervisor of the absence as early as possible but generally no later than the scheduled starting time. Except in emergency situations, requests for medical, dental, or optical examination or treatment must be made in advance.
  2. Sick leave accounts may accumulate indefinitely as a form of insurance against medical difficulties; however, employees are not paid for any unused sick leave upon their separation from Gallaudet University.
  3. For absences of more than three consecutive work days, a supervisor may require the employee to submit acceptable evidence of illness or medical problems. Further, the supervisor may request a medical certificate or other acceptable evidence if he/she has reason to believe the employee is abusing or misusing the Sick Leave Policy.  The documentation will be kept confidential. 
  4. For absences of more than three consecutive days relating to domestic violence, stalking or sexual abuse, the supervisor may request a police report, court order or a signed statement from a victim/witness advocate indicating that the employee or employee's family member was a victim of stalking, domestic violence, or sexual abuse.  Further, the supervisor may request the above certification if he/she has reason to believe the employee is abusing or misusing the Sick Leave policy.  This documentation will be kept confidential. 
  5. Sick leave may not be substituted while on another type of leave. If an approved holiday occurs while a regular or extended temporary employee is on sick leave, those hours are not charged to sick leave.  Temporary employees not eligible for holidays may not use sick leave on those days when the University is closed. 
  6. When a regular or extended temporary employee has exhausted all of his/her sick leave, the employee may use annual leave. There may be circumstances when an employee has used up all sick leave and annual leave and is still unable to return to work. In these circumstances, an employee may be put on leave without pay with the approval of the supervisor. (See the Leave Without Pay Policy.)
  7. Regular and extended temporary employees who are on paid sick leave continue to accrue leave in the usual manner.  Other temporary employees do not accrue leave while using leave. 
  8. If an employee is rehired within one year of separation of employment, previously accrued sick leave will be reinstated. 
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