ASL Online


ASL Online

The ASL Professional Studies Online courses are offered two times per semester during Fall and Spring. These 8-week accelerated courses are self-paced and are not the "softer, easier way"! Weekly deadlines have been set to ensure that you have adequate time to complete all assignments within the current session. Students have opportunities to meet and exercise their language skills with multiple signing partners through ASL Pals as part of their interactive activity requirements. Online lessons, assignments, and activities are posted online through Blackboard and students are required to log in to submit video assignments electronically and participate in language sessions. Basic computer and Internet literacy are required and students are responsible for establishing their own Internet access, web camera and GoReact account.

For more specific information on our ASL online courses, please view the syllabi listed below (Link to syllabi in PDF format):

ASL I Online
ASL II Online
ASL III Online
ASL IV Online

See the minimum computing guidelines to find out what you need. Then to gauge your online learning readiness, complete this brief Online Learning Readiness Inventory. Your responses will help identify strengths and weaknesses for success in the online learning environment.

Online Courses for Full time Gallaudet Students and Employees

Gallaudet students, faculty, and staff are to take on-campus courses to fully maximize the benefits of ASL learning.

ASL Placement Screening

ASL classes at Gallaudet University may not be equivalent to classes you have taken at other locations. To ensure that you are placed in the class that best meets your needs, review the course descriptions and select the one that seems to fit your current skill level.  For more information, see ASL Placement Screening.

Practice "Netiquette:" Be polite and respectful in your postings (no "flaming" or posting/sending negative, hurtful comments to others); Use appropriate ASL grammar and correct syntax, and wear appropriate clothing and background.  In short, present your best self!

You will need Adobe Reader to view these PDF documents. Adobe Acrobat reader is free software that can be downloaded from the Adobe Reader website.