Videophone (VP) ASLPI

For a videophone (VP) ASLPI, the examinee needs to identify a place of business that meets the requirements listed below.  The examinee will be located at the place of business and the ASLPI Interviewer will conduct the interview via videophone from another location.   

Requirements for videophone ASLPIs:

Private, undisturbed area
VP 200, N-VP, Z, Skype, Fuzebox (or other video conferencing that is tested for compatibility)
NOTE:  Purple / P3 is not compatible
Chair (no arms, no wheels, no swivel mechanism)
"Clutter-free" area behind examinee
Background color which contrasts with examinee's skin tone
Appropriate and sufficient lighting
Limited direct and excessive sunlight
A proctor available to ensure:
        - the ASLPI is not recorded at the proctored site
        - there are no interruptions for the duration (20-30 minutes)
        - no one is observing the evaluation as it is taking place


A proctor is required for all VP-ASLPIs. The proctor must be an employee of the place of business, institution or agency.  Students at educational institutions may not serve as ASLPI proctors, nor can the proctor be personally affiliated (i.e., friend or relative) with the examinee.  The proctor must have some signing skills; however, high level proficiency is not required. The proctor is not involved with the evaluation.  The proctor assures ASL-DES that the evaluation will take place in accordance with the system processes and protocol. The proctor also ensures the evaluation is not recorded in any fashion.

Expectations of the Proctor

At an agreed upon time prior to the evaluation taking place, the proctor will meet on videophone with someone from ASL Diagnostic and Evaluation Services (ASL-DES) for the "set-up check" to confirm that a clear connection can be made and to check the set-up (background, lighting and surrounding environment) to ensure it meets the visual needs for the evaluation and subsequent rating work that will take place.

On the day of the evaluation(s), the proctor will assist with the following:  

  • Receive incoming call from ASLPI evaluator to verify clear VP connection.
  • Review process with the ASLPI evaluator.
  • Adjust the videophone settings to ensure there is no phone number on the screen.
  • Before the start of each evaluation, assist examinee(s) with technology/equipment to ensure the ASLPI evaluator can clearly see the examinee(s) prior to the evaluation beginning.
  • Remain nearby for the duration of the ASLPI in case the proctor is needed, but provide the examinee with privacy for the evaluation.
  • Ensure that the evaluation is not recorded in any fashion.
  • Keep confidential details, information or other secure information which may become known from serving as the Proctor. Secure and/or confidential information includes, but is not limited to, process and protocol, and content shared by the examinee about the ASLPI. All such data is highly sensitive and confidential in nature and is not to be divulged.
  • If multiple examinees are scheduled back-to-back, the VP connection should be maintained. Do not disconnect after each evaluation.  The evaluator will use the video privacy screen after each evaluation and before the next evaluation begins.
  • When the evaluation(s) is completed, the Proctor will meet with the evaluator for wrap-up and to share any concerns or problems.

Appropriate Dress for Examinees:

On the day of the ASLPI evaluation, examinees should be dressed appropriately. To make the interview visually comfortable to evaluate, examinees must wear plain solid color clothing that contrasts with their skin tone (i.e., darker background with lighter skin tones and lighter background with darker skin tones). Examinees must avoid wearing upper body garments that are red or that contain print or plaid designs. We also ask that examinees refrain from wearing any visual distractions such as dangling earrings, bracelets, or rings on every finger. These can interfere with clear signing.

If you are interested in scheduling a Videophone (VP) ASLPI, send email to


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