Fall Online Courses

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NOTE: The application deadline is two weeks prior to the start of class. Depending on class availability, applications may be accepted after the deadline.

PST 301-OL1 ASL I (3) 8/26/13 - 10/18/13 Carroll Massey
PST 301-OL3 ASL I (3) 8/26/13 - 10/18/13 Richard Rose
PST 301-OL2 ASL I (3) 10/21/13 - 12/13/13 Carroll Massey
PST 302-OL1 ASL II (3) 8/26/13 - 10/18/13 Deborah Duren
PST 302-OL2 ASL II (3) 10/21/13 - 12/13/13 Deborah Duren
PST 322-OL1
ASL 270-OL2
ASL and English: Comparative Analysis (3) 8/26/13-10/18/13 Don Miller
PST 717-OL1
EDU 779-OL1
Assessment of Deaf Students with Disabilities (3) 8/26/13-10/18/13 Raschelle Theoharis
PST 955-OL1
FRE 111-OL1
Basic French I (4)   8/26/13-12/13/13 Cristina Berdichevsky
Mark Weinberg
PST 779-OL1 Communication Assistive Technology (2) 8/26/13-12/13/13 Matthew Bakke
Katherine Groon
PST 665-OL1
ITF 705-OL1
Deaf and Hard of Hearing Infants, Toddlers and their Families Capstone Project Part I (1) 8/26/13-12/13/13 Beth S. Benedict
Marilyn Sass-Lehrer
PST 212-OL1
DST 201-OL1
Deaf Culture (3) 10/21/13-12/13/13 Summer Loeffler
PST 222-OL1
DST 402-OL1
Deaf Women Studies (3) 8/26/13-10/18/13 Darlene Ewan
PST 260-OL1
DST 316-OL1
Disability Studies (3) 10/21/13-12/13/13 Joseph Murray
PST 202-OL1
DST 311-OL1
Dynamics of Oppression (3) 10/21/13-12/13/13 Carolyn McCaskill
PST 672-OL1
EDU 762-OL1
Early Language Acquisition and Cognitive Development of Bilingualism (3) 10/21/13-12/13/13 Maribel Garate
PST 640-OL1
Entrepreneur and Leadership Seminar (3) 10/21/13-12/13/13 Andy Lange
PST 756-OL1 Genetics and Hearing Loss for EHDI Professionals (2) 9/9/13-11/15/13 Kathleen Arnos
PST 776-OL1 Hearing Loss in America: An Overview (3) 8/26/13-12/13/13 Matthew Bakke
Carrie Mitchell
Jon Seun
PST 213-OL1
DST 202-OL1
Introduction to Cultural Studies (3) 8/26/13-12/13/13 Joseph Murray
PST 325-OL1 Introduction to Interpreting (2) 10/21/13-12/13/13 Mary Henry Lightfoot
PST 639-OL1
Project Management for Beginners (3) 10/21/13-12/13/13 Nicolah Alharazim
PST 662-OL1
ITF 702-OL1
Leadership Perspectives on Families with Deaf and Hard of Hearing Infants and Toddlers (3) 8/26/13-12/13/13 Marilyn Sass-Lehrer
Amy Szarkowski
PST 326-OL1 NAD/RID NIC Test Preparation: Interview/Performance (1) 10/21/13-11/15/13 Carol Tipton
PST 170-OL1 NAD/RID NIC Test Preparation: Written (1) 11/18/13-12/13/13 Carol Tipton
PST 203-OL1
DST 314-OL1
Oral Traditions in the Deaf Community (3) 10/21/13-12/13/13 Benjamin Jarashow
PST 257-OL1
DST 495-OL2
Overview of Cultural History of India (1-2) 10/21/13-11/25/13 (online)
12/30/13-1/12/14 (India Tour)
Alim Chandani
PST 895-OL1 Social Work Licensure Preparation (1) 11/18/13-12/13/13 Ellen Schaefer-Salins
PST 599-OL1
MPA 794-OL1
Successful Grant Writing Preparation (3) 10/21/13-12/13/13 Audrey Foster
PST 715-OL1
EDU 776-OL1
Teaching Functional Curriculum (3) 10/21/13-12/13/13 Catherine Krammer
PST 701-OL1
EDU 795-OL4
Working with Deaf‐Blind Students in the Classroom: Sociolinguistic Considerations within Critical Theory (3) 10/21/13-12/13/13 S. Jordan Wright
Christina Yuknis


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