Spring Online Courses

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NOTE: The application deadline is two weeks prior to the start of class. Depending on class availability, applications may be accepted after the deadline.
DATESInstructor #
ASL I (3 credits)
PST 301-OL1 1/19/16 - 3/11/16 TBA
PST 301-OL2 3/14/16 - 5/06/16 TBA
PST 301-OL3 1/19/16 - 3/11/16 TBA
Course description
ASL II (3 credits)
PST 302-OL1 1/19/16 - 3/11/16 TBA
PST 302-OL2 3/14/16 - 5/06/16 TBA
PST 302-OL3 1/19/16 - 3/11/16 TBA
Course description
ASL and English: Comparative Analysis (3 credits)
PST 322-OL1
ASL 270-OL2
3/14/16 - 5/06/16 Don Miller
Course description
ASLTA Certification Preparation (1 credit)
PST 800-OL1
ASL 795-OL1
1/19/16 - 3/11/16 Amy Rowley
Curt Radford
Course description
Deaf Culture (3 credits)
PST 212-OL1
DST 201-OL1
3/14/16 - 5/06/16 Summer Loeffler
Course description
Disability Studies (3 credits)
PST 260-OL1
DST 316-OL1
3/14/16 - 5/06/16 Meredith Burke
Course description
Dynamics of Oppression (3 credits)
PST 202-OL1
DST 311-OL1
3/14/16 - 5/06/16 Elena Ruiz-Williams
Course description
Introduction to Cultural Studies (3 credits)
PST 213-OL1
DST 202-OL2
3/14/16 - 5/06/16 Megan Matovich
Course description
Introduction to Deaf Studies (3 credits)
PST 210-OL1 1/19/16 - 3/11/16 Joseph Murray
Course description
Multicultural Lives: Ethnographic Studies (3 credits)
PST 229-OL1
DST 410-OL1
3/14/16 - 5/06/16 TBA
Course description
Oral Traditions in the Deaf Community (3 credits)
PST 203-OL1
DST 314-OL1
3/14/16 - 5/06/16 Benjamin Jarashow
Course description
Beginners Cued American English (2 credits)
PST 125-OL1 1/19/16 - 5/06/16 Amy Crumrine
Course description
Capstone II: ASL/English Bilingual Early Childhood Education for 0-5 (2 credits)
PST 675-OL1
EDU 795.OL1
3/14/16 - 5/06/16 Christi Batamula
Course description
Early Language Acquisition and Cognitive Development of Bilingualism (3 credits)
PST 672-OL1
EDU 762-OL1
3/14/16 - 5/06/16 Patrick Graham
Course description
Family Collaboration and Partnership: The ASL/English Bilingual Lens (3 credits)
PST 671-OL1
EDU 765-OL1
3/14/16 - 5/06/16 Bobbie Jo Kite
Course description
Home-School Continuum: Collaboration with Families, Paraeducators and Professionals (3 credits)
PST 713-OL
EDU 773-OL
3/14/16 - 5/06/16 Catherine Krammer
Course description
Theoretical Perspectives of ASL/English Bilingual Education for Birth to 5 (3 credits)
PST 697-OL1
EDU 761-OL1
3/14/16 - 5/06/16 Patrick Graham
Course description
Basic French II (4 credits)
PST 112-OL1
FRE 112-OL1
1/19/16 - 5/06/16 TBA
Course description
Successful Grant Writing, Part 1 (3 credits)
PST 598-OL1 CLOSED Audrey Foster
Course description
Deaf and Hard of Hearing Infants and Toddlers and Their Families: Capstone, Part II (2 credits)
PST 665-OL1
ITF 706-OL1
1/19/16 - 5/06/16 Marilyn Sass-Lehrer
Course description
Strategies for Developing Communication, Language and Cognition for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Infants and Toddler (3 credits)
PST 663-OL1
ITF 703-OL1
1/19/16 - 5/06/16 Marilyn Sass-Lehrer
Course description
Learning Language by Eye or by Ear (1 credit)
PST 375-OL1 4/4/16 - 4/29/16 Debbie Chen Pichler
Course description
Interpreting as a Career (2 credits)
PST 325-OL1 CLOSED Mary Henry Lightfoot
Course description
NAD/RID NIC Test Preparation: Written (1 credit)
PST 170-OL1 4/18/16 - 5/13/16 Carol Tipton
Course description
Biopsychosocial Aspects of Hearing Loss (3 credits)
PST 777-OL1 1/19/16 - 5/06/16 Matthew Bakke
Course description
Practical Audiology: Fundamentals for Consumers (2 credits)
PST 778-OL1 1/19/16 - 5/06/16 Matthew Bakke
Course description
Development III: Adulthood and Aging (3 credits)
PST 404-OL1
PSY 315-OL1
3/14/16 - 5/06/16 Erin McLaughlin
Course description
Digital Storytelling (3 credits)
PST 178-OL1
COM 495-OL3
1/19/16 - 3/11/16 Jevon Whetter
Course description
ASLTA Certification Preparation (1)
PST 800-OL1
ASL 795-OL1
1/19/16 - 3/11/16 Amy Rowley
Curt Radford
Course description
GRE General Test Preparation (1 credit)
PST 748-OL1 1/25/16 - 3/04/16 Daniel Lundberg
Course description

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