About CCOE

Center for Continuing and Online Education (CCOE) courses, programs, and services address the needs and interests of diverse internal and external constituencies and include both credit and noncredit offerings within a bilingual (ASL/English) learning environment. To meet participants’ learning needs, instruction is conducted in multiple formats – within traditional classroom settings, online and distance learning, or through a hybrid approach – delivering various professional development and enrichment courses, programs, and services both on campus and at sites around the country through its network of Gallaudet University Regional Centers.

Through Gallaudet University Regional Centers, CCOE is further able to extend university courses, programs and services through:

  • Delivery of graduate, undergraduate, and professional studies courses across the United States, often in collaboration with sponsoring schools, programs, and agencies, providing opportunities to study with experts in fields such as American Sign Language, deaf education, language planning, bilingual education, Deaf Studies, interpreting, and linguistics;
  • Direct programming and outreach services to schools, agencies, and corporations actively engaged in the provision of education and/or human services to deaf and hard of hearing individuals;
  • Coordination of Gallaudet University’s Summer Programs, which offers a broad array of academic and enrichment programs and courses for graduate, undergraduate, and professional studies credit, and a number of dynamic and empowering programs for high school students and scholars providing educational, student development, and experiential learning opportunities.