ASL Courses


ASL at Gallaudet Campus

Students are required to attend all classes and apply ASL, not only in the classroom with their peers, but also in various aspects outside the classroom to maximize their language development. Students are given opportunities to attend Deaf events on campus or an event hosted in the ASL community to better understand the use of the language within its dynamic environment. The comprehensive and intensive courses include student activities that require them to produce video assignments through GoReact, a web-based tool, which allow students to submit and receive graded work including constructive feedback, provided by the instructor to further enhance the student's language growth. Blackboard is the learning management platform where students can see their progress in the course, view their lessons, utilize resources to assist them in achieving student outcomes, and receive updates from the course instructor

For more specific information on our courses, please view the syllabi listed below (Link to syllabi in PDF format):


Admission Requirements

Applicants must be at least 18 years of age and possess a high school diploma or GED-equivalent to take any PST prefixed courses. 


Students are required to earn a grade of B or better in their class in order to advance to the next level of ASL at Gallaudet University. ASL courses are not available for audit. For further information about grade reports and transcripts, go to
Registration Information
and Policies and Procedures.

ASL Certificate

The ASL Certificate program is currently under construction. Announcements will be made when it is ready for enrollment. If you wish to be contacted at this time, please sign here.

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