Professional Studies American Sign Language (ASL) classes are offered for non-degree credit each semester. These courses include ASL I-VI, Fingerspelling, Visual Gestural Communication, and other special topics (e.g., Classifiers, Numbers, Non-manual Signals). Online ASL courses (ASL I, II, III and IV) are offered during Fall and Spring. These courses run 8 weeks two times per semester.    

The courses are open to anyone who is qualified for college-level work. Adults with a high school diploma or its equivalent and visiting students from other colleges may enroll in PST courses. Applicants under age 18 must provide proof of graduation on a high school transcript or a GED certificate.

Click the links below to see course descriptions and schedule of classes.  Please check back periodically for updates


ASL Program is currently developing a certificate to be awarded to students who successfully complete courses in their program.  Announcements will be made when the certificate program is ready for enrollment. If you wish to be contacted at this time, please sign the ASL Certificate form.