ASL & English Bilingual Early Childhood Deaf Education:Birth to 5 (Online)

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Certificate Programs are designed around current and pressing needs of professionals and practitioners. They include a set of related courses leading to a certificate that demonstrates successful completion of the curriculum. Gallaudet University currently offers four professional studies (PST) certificates through its Center for Continuing and Online Education. PST courses offer students a substantial reduction in tuition costs and were designed to satisfy requirements for professional development. Although credits earned cannot be applied to degree programs at Gallaudet, they may be transferable to other universities. Some certificates can be taken as a graduate certificate. Course requirements are the same for both types of credit.

If you are interested in applying for a PST certificate program, please check the program requirements and click on the "Apply Now" button to start your application process.

Admission Requirements and Procedures

Interested applicants for the American Sign Language & English Bilingual Early Childhood Education: Birth to 5 Certificate Program may apply for either graduate or professional studies training (PST) credits. All applicants must complete the application procedures and meet the requirements for graduate study at Gallaudet University. Applicants for the graduate certificate program should visit the Graduate Admissions website for more information: Graduate Admissions

Program of Study (21 credits)

Fall 1

PST 658 - Foundations of Policy and Legislative on Bilingualism: Implications for ASL/ENG Biling for 0-5(online, 3 credits)
Course description

PST 697 - Theoretical Perspectives of ASL/ENG Bilingual Education for 0-5 (online, 3 credits)
Course description

PST 673 - Capstone I: ASL/English Bilingual Early Childhood Education for 0-5 (self-designed,1 credit)
Course description

Spring 1

PST 672 - Early Language Acquisition and Cognitive Development of Bilingualism (online, 3 credits)
Course description

PST 674 - Assessment and Individualized Planning in ASL/English Bilingual Early Childhood (online, 3 credits)
Course description

PST 675 - Capstone II: ASL/English Bilingual Early Childhood Education for 0-5 (self-designed,1 credit)
Course description

Summer 1

PST 676 - Applications in ASL/English Bilingual Early Childhood Education for 0-5 (online, 3 credits)
Course description

PST 671 - The Family Collaboration and Partnership: The ASL/ENG Bilingual Lens (online, 3 credits)
Course description

PST 677 - Capstone III: ASL/English Bilingual Early Childhood Education for 0-5 (self-designed,1 credit)
Course description

Admission Requirements

Applicants for the ASL & English Bilingual Early Childhood Deaf Education: Birth to 0 PST Certificate Program must meet the following program requirements :

1. A completed CCOE Application Form,including payment of a $75 non-refundable application fee. The CCOE application can be submitted in conjunction with registration for the first class offered in the program.
2. A BA or BS degree in education or related field as evidenced by submission of an official transcript from an accredited university.
3. A minimum. 3.0 grade point average (on a four-point scale) in all previous undergraduate study. Occasionally, applicants with a GPA lower than 3.0 may be admitted conditionally upon the recommendation of the department.4. On TOEFL scores for all international students.
5. Evidence of having or pursuing teaching certification or licensure, preferable in the area of early childhood education, special education, deaf education, or speech-language pathology.
6. Resume showing prior and/or current experiences being employed in an early childhood program or field.
7. Three letters of reference.
8. Access to working with young children and their families in an early childhood environment during the program. This access can be on the job or thorough a practicum or internship experience.
9. A score of 2+ on the ASLPI or evidence of American Sign Language proficiency (e.g., through interviews). To arrange for ASLPI, please go to ASL Diagnostic and Evaluation Services. 10. Technology requirements and Computer Requirements/skills: A Mac or PC computer with access to the internet capable of running a most recent and updated web browser is necessary for participation in our online courses. The minimum operating system are Windows XP or higher for PC and MacOS 10.5 or higher for Mac. See Online Computer Requirementsfor more detailed information. Students are responsible for obtaining their own Internet access and are expected to have basic computer and internet literacy prior to the start of the course, including use of email, word processing programs, presentation programs (such as PowerPoint), and the internet to search for information.

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