Peer Mentor Training Certificate Program

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The next cohort convenes in August 2019.
Early applications will be accepted
but not processed until 2019.

Summer 2019

The Peer Mentor Training Certificate Program is designed to train deaf, hard-of-hearing, and late-deafened individuals in meeting the diverse needs of individuals with hearing loss. Individuals are trained to provide information, support, empathy, validation, and skills to consumers in need. Peer mentors will also be able to conduct needs assessments, problem-solve, and establish goals and objectives to improve the quality of life for these individuals, help to establish effective use of assistive hearing technology, and ensure equal and appropriate access to communication.

This professional studies program is comprised of a 12-credit, seven course curriculum that is completed over a period of two years. Courses are offered predominately online, allowing for individuals to balance education, work and family, and are taught by aural rehabilitationists, audiologists, and graduate students with exceptional skills in the area of audiology and aural rehabilitation.

While the concept of professional peer mentors is much needed, peer mentoring within audiology is revolutionary. Graduates of the program report they benefit most through self-growth, applying skills acquired to their current jobs, or to advocacy and outreach efforts within their community.

Program of Study (12 credits)

Summer 1

PST 775 Opening Seminar: Orientation to Peer Mentoring (on-campus, 1 credit)
Course description

Fall 1

PST 776 Hearing Loss in America: An Overview (online, 2 credits)
Course description

Spring 1

PST 778 Practical Audiology: Fundamentals for Consumers (online, 2 credits)
Course description

Summer 2

PST 777 Biopsychosocial Aspects of Hearing Loss (online, 2 credits)
Course description

Fall 2

PST 779 Communication Assistive Technology (online, 2 credits)
Course description

Spring 2

PST 780 Peer Mentoring for Hearing Loss (online, 2 credits)
Course description

Summer 3

PST 781 Final Seminar: Applications of Peer Mentoring (on-campus, 1 credit)
Course description

Admission Requirements

Applicants for the Peer Mentor Training Certificate Program must meet the following program requirements:
1. Letter of application describing your leadership, service and mentoring experience, your interpersonal skills and how you have successfully worked with others in a collegial fashion, how and where you plan to put your mentoring skills to use, and your commitment to this program if accepted.
2. A completed CCOE Application Form, including payment of a $75 non-refundable application fee. The CCOE application can be submitted in conjunction with your registration for the first class offered in the program.
3. Documentation of hearing loss (copy of audiogram or letter from audiologist)
4. BA or BS degree in a related field as evidenced by submission of an official transcript from an accredited university
5. 3 letters of reference attesting to your suitability for this program.
If you are interested in applying for the certificate, please visit the Peer Mentor Training Program website for more information or contact
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