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Clerc Center webinars archive now online


The Clerc Center webinars are cost effective ways to meet professional development requirements as well as supplying families with needed resources. Without incurring travelling expenses, or workshop fees, individual educators, professionals, and parents can interact with professionals in the field of deaf education from the ease of their own office, school location, or home computer. It's also possible for groups of colleagues, teachers, or families to view the webinars from one central location. The webinars are presented in American Sign Language (ASL) with a spoken English voiceover and captions.

But...wait...what happens if you cannot watch the webinar on the date it is broadcast? Now, there is solution to that dilemma. After each new webinar is presented, the Clerc Center will archive it for future viewing. The Clerc Center will post all webinars in an archive. Did you miss the webinar on Sharing Power: Practical Strategies for Power Struggles with Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students broadcast on December 8, 2011? The video is now online. To access the archive, start at the main Clerc Center website, click on the Training and Technical Assistance section, then click on Distance Education, and finally click on Webinars.

On January 12, the Clerc Center broadcast the first of a two-part series on Everything You Always Wanted to Know About ASL/English Bimodal Bilingual Education. The webinar, presented by Susanne Scott and Dr. Laurene Simms, shares different strategies on how to incorporate both ASL and English into daily activities to promote language acquisition for deaf and hard of hearing children as well as how to be your child's advocate for developing an individual language plan. The broadcast drew participation from 211 sites around the country, with many sites hosting groups of viewers. The second part of the webinar will be presented on February 9.

"The webinar is specifically geared towards parents," said presenter Susanne Scott. "We hope that for the February broadcast that more families will register to view the presentation. And it would be great if professionals working with parents of children who are deaf and hard of hearing could encourage parents and caregivers to participate."

For anyone who missed the first broadcast, the archive can bring a person up-to-date and ready to participate in the second part. Registration is required, but there are no fees to view the broadcast or to participate in the online question and answer with the presenters.