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Manufacturer Information

This list includes a selection of the resources that the Cochlear Implant Education Center has found useful when working with students and families in our demonstration schools. This does not represent a complete list of the many resources that may be available. The absence of a resource on this list does not indicate that we do not support it; it may never have come our way. We are always in the process of trying out new things.

Manufacturer Information

Cochlear implant manufacturers offer an abundance of free, promotional materials in various languages, as well as information on candidacy, services, research, and events. In addition they offer the following videos described below.

Advanced Bionics/Clarion System

Mann Biomedical Park
25129 Rye Canyon Loop
Valencia , CA 91355
800-678-2575 (V)
800-678-3575 (TTY)
E-mail: info@advancedbionics.com
Web: Advanced Bionics

Videos - Recipient Stories

Hearing Your Life (video-open captioned, 34:55 minutes)

This documentary follows the lives of four adults before and after receiving the Clarion HiResolution cochlear implant. Each individual discusses the impact deafness has had on their lives and how much they benefited from getting a cochlear implant. This video describes the process of hearing and the impact of hearing loss as well as how the cochlear implant works by using very clear graphics.

Cecilia's Story (video-open captioned, 47 minutes)

This documentary follows Cecilia and her family from birth through age 8 as they make communication and technology decisions related to Cecilia's deafness. Using Cecilia's story as a vehicle, this video covers many of the issues families face in making decisions for their deaf child related to communication choices and whether or not to consider a cochlear implant as well as going through the implantation process.

How a Cochlear Implant Works (1 Minute)

This is a quick introduction to how a cochlear implants works. An animated inner ear gives a detailed and succinct explanation of how a cochlear implants works.

Journey to Sound (31 Minutes)

This half-hour video describes what to expect at your initial cochlear implant programming session, and includes sample programming sessions and comments from adults, parents and children. Also included is an overview of the cochlear implant equipment that is included with each patient’s kit.


"Loud and Clear" Rehabilitation Newsletter

Issues can be downloaded at:

Advanced Bionics: "Loud and Clear" Newsletters


Infant-Toddler Meaningful Auditory Integration Scale (IT-MAIS)

Parent report checklist to document a young child's use of sound in the natural environment. Ten questions with an accompanying rating scale are provided addressing such areas as "Is the child's vocal behavior affected while wearing his/her sensory aid (hearing aid or cochlear implant" and "Does the child spontaneously respond to his/her name in quiet with auditory cues only when not expecting to hear it" The scale helps document the small steps in development of listening skills. This scale is widely utilized and available at no charge through Advanced Bionics. Advanced Bionics Meaningful Auditory Integration Scale


Bringing Sound to Life: Principles and Practices of Cochlear Implant Rehabilitation Developed by Mary E. Koch, M.A., CED

This video training program and manual provides a systematic approach to spoken language habilitation for children of all ages. The video training series includes four videotapes: 1) Building Blocks of Spoken Language; 2) Understanding Hearing and Hearing Loss; 3) Cochlear Implants and Children: An Opportunity, Not a Cure; and 4) Principles and Practices of Cochlear Implant Rehabilitation. The videos are an excellent resource for family education and/or teacher training. The manual provides insights, strategies, and tools integral to the spoken language habilitation process. There is a charge for this program.

Word Associations for Syllable Perception (WASP)
Developed by: Mary E. Koch, MA., CED

A set of 225 brightly colored, picture cards representing the 40 phonemes of English in words. The instruction manual provides useful tips, advice, and all the forms you'll need for developing and assessing a child's perception of English phonemes. There is a charge for this program.

Making the Connection

A comprehensive workbook and audio CDs of listening practice exercises that begin with relatively simple auditory skills and progress step by step to more complex listening tasks. Exercises and suggested listening activities can be completed at your own pace independently or with a friend or family member who serves as a listening coach.

Websites for Listening Practice: List developed by Advanced Bionics

Family and Educational Supports

Children’s Hearing Journey

Website information developed by Advanced Bionics to assist families with information regarding expectations, auditory benchmarks, communication modalities, meaningful auditory integration, children in the classroom, and other resources.

Advanced Bionics: Your Journey to Hearing, for children

Tools for Schools

The Tools for Schools Program (TFS) is designed to provide parents with support and guidance about topics related to cochlear implants and education, assist cochlear implant centers in providing support to schools, and support school professionals, early intervention professionals, aural rehabilitation specialists, and others who work with children with cochlear implants. Free membership includes: E-Newsletters, resource materials such as the TFS Universal Kit, web courses, email and phone support: toolsforschools@advancedbionics.com; 800-678-2575 8AM to 5PM PST, Monday-Friday, training event notices, and access to new materials as they become available. To sign up go to: Advanced Bionics' Educational Support: Tools_for_Schools

The Hearing Journey component of the Advanced Bionics website provides a variety of information. It includes access to an on-line interactive community for discussion about cochlear implant experiences. It also includes a section called The Listening Room designed by Dave Sindrey to provide printable, games and activities for anyone working with preschoolers and school age children. There are9 sections within The Listening Room with targeted resources and activities. Many of the resources within each section will evolve with fresh material on a weekly and monthly basis. The Hearing Journey will also host professional chats. It is necessary to register and obtain a password to register for the Hearing Journey portion of the website.

Online Training & Education Center

Advanced Bionics offers online training courses as well as live courses.

For upcoming and recorded online courses as well as a listing of live courses, go to

Advanced Bionics calendar

Cochlear Americas

13059 East Peakview Avenue
Centennial, CO 80111
800-523-5798 (toll-free), 303-790-9010 (tel)
303-792-9025 (FAX)
E-mail: info@cochlear.com
Web: http://www.cochlear.com/

Educators Guide for Children with Cochlear Implants:

Educators Guide

The on-line guide provides information on cochlear implant technology and how to use it, as well as detail on how educational and (re)habilitation professionals can help a child with a cochlear implant reach his full potential. It addresses such topics as what services children need at school and how to prepare a classroom for the child with a cochlear implant. The guide is organized so that you can access materials by chapter.

Also available for download:

Teachers Guide - Portuguese
Guia do sistema de implante coclear Nucleus® para educadores
Teachers Guide - Spanish
Guía para educadores sobre el sistema de implante coclear Nucleus®

Videos: These items are available in through their online catalog or through customer service.

Start Listening: A Guide to Pediatric Rehabilitation (video-open captioned, 27 min)

This video includes a basic, easy-to-follow progression of auditory development narrated by an auditory-verbal therapist. This video provides information and ideas regarding how to facilitate the process of attaching meaning to sound, and provides a framework for developing listening skills, issues for consideration in developing listening skills, and strategies to promote listening regardless of whether a child is using an oral approach or a Total Communication approach. Strategies are provided related to promoting awareness of sound, providing an optimal listening environment, facilitating vocal play, integrating listening with language and cognition, as well as vocabulary and reading development. To request a copy, contact customer service  (800) 523-5798

Jacobs journey

This true story illustrates the benefits of early cochlear implantation and the development of auditory skills. To request a copy contact customer service @1 (800) 523-5798

Nucleus Accessories and Assistive Listening Devices (closed captioned, 35 minutes)

Narrated by a cochlear implant user, this video discusses the various accessories to maximize listening through a cochlear implant. Devices covered include those used to assist with: a) listening in background noise, b) using a traditional phone and cell phone, c) listening to music, d) troubleshooting the implant device, and e) use of FM systems.

Listen, Learn, and Talk (Auditory Habilitation Program)

"How to" auditory learning package, The program follows the natural development of the child, and contains ideas and strategies for developing spoken language through listening. Includes a workbook and guide written especially for parents supporting aural rehabilitation as part of everyday activities. Three videos included focus on activities for different age groups: Babies Babble (0-15 months), Toddler Talk (16-30 months), and Children Chatter (31 months to school age). Available in DVD format only (replaces VHS version) DVD contains English, Spanish and French subtitles. $145.

Hear We Go (Individualized rehabilitation workbook for teenagers): Hear we Go

This CD contains an easy to install program that allows the therapist to access rehabilitation exercises and generate an individualized rehabilitation workbook for the Nucleus recipient. The workbook is built around 24 different topical interests for older children and teenagers and 3 different auditory skill levels within each topic. It also contains additional topics like Active Listening, Telephone Training, Communication Strategies, and more. It can either be printed or emailed to the recipient it has been designed for ($25).

HOPE (Habilitation Outreach for Professionals in Education)

A comprehensive collection of products and services designed to assist educational personnel in addressing the unique needs of children with cochlear implants. HOPE includes online training for professionals, Cochlear products for professionals and parents, HOPE services, and workshops and seminars. See HOPE products

MED-EL Corporation

2222 East Highway 54
Beta Building, Suite 180
Durham, NC 27713
919-572-2222 (V/TTY)
919-484-9229 (FAX)
E-mail: admin@medel.com
Web: http://www.medel.com/

BRIDGE to Better Communication, a program especially for hearing loss professionals, schools, cochlear implant users and parents to help close the gap between implantation and the development of improved listening skills and spoken communication. BRIDGE to Better Communication consists of a wide variety of products, resources and tools for adult and pediatric habilitation, assessment, and device management, including the recently-released My LittlEars Diary and the LittlEars Auditory Questionnaire. LittlEars materials are designed to assess age-appropriate auditory behavior of children in the preverbal development phase. Many of the resource materials are available at no charge and can be downloaded for instant access. For more information see: BRIDGE catalog

MED-EL Educator CD

This CD contains the following: Handbook for Educators; Handling and Troubleshooting the TEMPO+; HearSay Newsletter; Communication Options; FM Guide; and How a Cochlear Implant Works video. There is a Glossary of Terms and a dynamic table of contents in both the Handbook for Educators and Troubleshooting the TEMPO+. The video clips in Handling and Troubleshooting the TEMPO+ demonstrate some of the information presented in the guide. Click here to obtain the Educator CD.

Pediatric Habilitation Materials:

http://www.medel.at/english/50_Rehabilitation/03_For_Children/Paediatric_Habilitation.php (ADD)

Information for Download from Med El
MED-EL Rehabilitation Product Catalogue
Listen, Hear! - Using Matrices for Training

Listen, Hear! - Handmade Music
Listen, Hear! - Three Weeks of Music
Listen, Hear! - Using PowerPoint® for Testing and Training

Listen, Hear! - Why I Love to Use Rebuses in My Work
Listen, Hear! - Music for Adults with Cochlear Implants

Listen, Hear! - TeenTrain
Listen, Hear! - Using Rhythm and Rhymes with Children
Listen, Hear! - Listening for /s/
Listen, Hear! - Learning from the 500 Most Commonly Occurring Words

Listen, Hear! - The Barrier Game
Listen, Hear! - Speech Tracking

Listen, Hear! - Modifications to Speech Tracking
Listen, Hear! - The Six-Sounds Test: What Do We Need to Know?
Listen, Hear! - Looking at Vowels
Listen, Hear! - Looking at Nasals
Listen, Hear! - Kid Trax
Listen, Hear! - Deaf Characters in Popular Fiction

Listen, Hear! - Subtle Differences
Hearing Loss: Options for Your Child

Handbook for Educators
Communication Options & Educational Placements

Telephone Training: Tips
Pediatric Assessment Tools

How to Make More Out of My CI - A Guide for Adult Cochlear Implant Users
LING Six Sound Cards