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Applying for Admission to Kendall Demonstration Elementary School

Start planning for fall 2009! Come see if KDES is right for your deaf or hard of hearing child by scheduling a visit.

Families of prospective students interested in enrolling at KDES may begin the admissions process by completing the application form and returning it to us via fax, mail, or e-mail attachment. Local Education Agency (LEA) representatives may also apply for admission for deaf and hard of hearing children in their school districts with the support of the student's family.

Please click on the link below to print out and complete the KDES application form.

KDES Application Form

For questions or help with the application process, please e-mail kdesadmissions@gallaudet.edu or call (202) 651-5397 (Voice/TTY). The fax number for the Admissions Office is (202) 651-5362.


Frequently Asked Questions About Admission to KDES