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MSSD Students and Alumni Play Many Roles in QuestFest

Image: MeiLi mime close up

QuestFest is an extravaganza of visual theatre that draws together artists from countries across the world and in the United States. Tim McCarty, the president and founder of Quest: arts for everyone, conceived QuestFest as a multidimensional learning experience where visual artists could share their talents on stage, as artists-in-residence at schools, and as workshop leaders-all within a compressed two-week time frame. McCarty served as the artistic director for the MSSD Performing Arts Program for over 20 years. Many of the MSSD performing arts alumni participated in QuestFest this year and in previous festivals as performers and directors in addition to supporting the organization and running the festival.

MSSD supported this year's QuestFest in a variety of ways. The school provided rehearsal and performance space in the Theatre Malz and other areas. Student Wade Green served as an intern with the QuestFest office. Students participated in workshops with artists-in-residence from the Hong Kong Arts with the Disabled Association at both MSSD and Kendall Demonstration Elementary School.

MSSD senior MeiLi Robbins gave a solo performance called "The Life of Flowers" as part of the QuestFest Community Showcase. Robbins developed the piece during a QuestFest artist-in-residency. Dressed in traditional black mime clothes with white-face make-up, Robbins evoked the life of a flower. The piece began with the seedling emerging from the ground and growing to its full height. Then in a delightful sequence, Robbins mimed how the flower faced the forces of nature, from rain, to wind, to dry heat-bending, twisting, and even breaking.

Community outreach is an integral part of the Quest: arts for everyone approach. If you are interested in having Quest come to your area, Quest staff members and affiliate artists are available to conduct workshops, classes, and residencies in a variety of arts and arts education-related areas. Quest info.

Photographs from the Community Showcase and other QuestFest performances can be viewed on the QuestFest website.

MSSD senior MeiLi Robbins performs "The Life of Flowers" as part of the QuestFest Community Showcase on March 13. (Photo: Goodman/VanRiper)