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New Document Explores How Clerc Center Reaches Out to the Public

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A new public input document describes how the Clerc Center obtains feedback from educators, professionals, and families concerned with the achievement of deaf and hard of hearing students. This feedback is an essential way we can focus our resources according to identified needs.

Since 1994, the Clerc Center has devoted resources to collecting input from key constituencies across the country through a variety of meetings, surveys, conferences, and workshops. This vital input provides an essential component in how the Clerc Center sets its priorities and implements its strategic plan.

In 2009, at the Strategic Planning Summit, 24 diverse stakeholders met and shared insights on the most essential needs for deaf and hard of hearing students. As a result of that summit, the stakeholders helped the Clerc Center come to consensus on three priority goal areas. These goals will drive the development of projects to raise academic achievement, produce evidence-based strategies and resources for deaf and hard of hearing students with disabilities, and support early and ongoing intervention to build linguistic competence.

The public input process is designed to seek the perspectives of educators and families of students from traditionally underserved groups and from a range of educational environments in which deaf and hard of hearing students are enrolled. We welcome your participation and comments on our public input process.

For more detailed information on the public input process