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Call for Submissions for Next Issue of Odyssey

We received stories about strategies and tools that enhance student success for the Spring 2009 issue of Odyssey from across the nation. We couldn't pass up another chance to share approaches that support student achievement for the next issue.

This time we are focusing on ways to meet the diverse needs of students who are deaf and hard of hearing. Classrooms are becoming more academically diverse, containing students representing multiple cultures with a range of ability levels and from varied experiential backgrounds. Deaf and hard of hearing students also have varying levels of fluency in American Sign Language, English (written and spoken), and the languages used in their homes.

We would like you to submit articles and share with the nation how you meet all your deaf and hard of hearing students' individual needs when they are in larger groups of students, both in the classroom and out. For example:

  • The alternative assessments your school uses to track the progress of deaf and hard of hearing students with severe disabilities
  • How you differentiated the curriculum to meet a spectrum of needs within a single classroom

We welcome any submissions that share successful strategies for supporting the diverse needs of students who are deaf and hard of hearing. E-mail your ideas to odyssey@gallaudet.edu by September 1, 2009; fully developed articles are due October 1, 2009. We also welcome shorter news articles about programs, activities, or educators and other professionals who have had an impact on deaf and hard of hearing students. Contact us via e-mail at any time with questions or to discuss your ideas.

Submission Guidelines