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Winter/Spring 2001 (vol. 2, iss. 2)


Download the complete issue (4.46 mb)

In this issue:

  • Visual Inaccessibility: The Elephant (Blocking the View) in Interpreted Education (403 kb)
    By Elizabeth A. Winston
  • Interpreting for Children: How it's different (485 kb)
    By Brenda Schick
  • The Educational Interpreter Performance Assessment (240 kb)
    By Brenda Schick, Kevin Williams
  • Interpreting in Schools: A Look at Research (123 kb)
    by Thomas N. Kluwin, David A. Stewart
  • Beneath The Surface: Theoretical Frameworks Shed Light on Educational Interpreting (413 kb)
    by Claire Ramsey
  • Deaf Education Specialist: Teaches-and Learns-in Alaskan Outback
    By Patrick Pillai

News (277 kb)
includes stories on the following:

  • KDES Kindergartners Celebrate the Forest Through Dance and Song
  • MSSD Interns Learn Skills On the Job
  • Students Review Sign Language Book Earn Free Copies
  • KidsWorld Deaf Net Posts First Offerings
  • Miss Deaf America Visits Clerc Center


  • Question & Answer - How Can I Evaluate My Child's Interpreter? (139 kb)
  • Literacy - Training Program & Workshops (103 kb)
  • Calendar (143 kb)
  • Call For Manuscripts (66 kb)
  • A Letter From the Provost (40 kb)