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Spring/Summer 2002 (vol. 3, iss. 2)


Download the complete issue (19,960 kb)

In this issue:

  • A Letter From the Dean (627 kb)


  • Bringing a Philosophy Home - Reggio Emilia and the Clerc Center (1,113 kb)
    By Gail Solit
  • Principles of Early Childhood Learning From Reggio Emilia (1,069 kb)
    By Gail Solit
  • Parent Involvement - Learning by Doing (2,049 kb)
    By Nancy Topolosky
  • Jum Reilly - Giving Form to Dreams (828 kb)
  • Emergent Curriculum - Following the Lead of the Child (1,088 kb)
    By Julie Cantrell Mitchiner
  • Reggio and the Individual Service Plan (1,819 kb)
    By Sam Weber
  • Environment: Always In Progress (1,491 kb)
    By Debra Cushner
  • Putting More Fun Into Teaching (2,558 kb)
    By John Luckner

Inside Our School

  • Project-Preschool Scientists and Water (854 kb)
    By Julie Longson
  • Project-They Do! Celebrating Weddings (1,272 kb)
    By Steven Benson
  • The Language of Dance (663 kb)
    By Marcia Freeman
  • Deaf and Hearing Together (1,002 kb)
  • From Italy with Hope: A Visit to Reggio Emilia (1,157 kb)
    By Lynne Gelzer

News (2,732 kb)
includes stories on the following:

  • MSSD Students Win Leadership Awards
  • For Katie Burns: a Eulogy by Pamela Banks
  • "As They See It..." Essay Award Winners
  • Camera Award Tech Help, by Rosalinda M. Ricasa
  • KidsWorld Deaf Net-Virtual Library, by Jennifer Hinger
  • Decisionmaker-New Transition Material
  • Families Count!
  • Video Technology Conference Coming Soon


  • Well Worth It: The Shared Reading Project (920 kb)
    By Jennifer Hinger

Reviews (983 kb)

  • Reggio Through Reading
    By David Schleper

In every issue...

  • Training Opportunities (1,070 kb)
  • Calendar (810 kb)