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Odyssey 2014


The theme of the 2014 issue of Odyssey magazine is "High Expectations for All: Their Importance and Influence." This issue draws from 34 contributors across the field of deaf education; these professionals and parents share the belief that if deaf and hard of hearing children are encouraged to strive in academics, they are more likely to thrive in them.

In the introduction, Clerc Center vice president Ed Bosso invites readers to "imagine a deaf or hard of hearing student arriving to school every day being greeted by teachers who hold high expectations for every student, where those expectations are shared by families and maintained through strong collaborative partnerships" and challenges us to "aim high for all students and expect excellence; they deserve nothing less."

Download the PDF version at 2014 Odyssey

Subscription is free. To request this issue to be mailed to you or to receive future issues, contact us. To become an Odyssey contributor, the theme for the 2015 issue is technology--check out our submission guidelines