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Young Deaf Filmmakers Show Their Talents




From coast to coast, the California School for the Deaf, Riverside (CSDR) and the Model Secondary School for the Deaf (MSSD) hosted a simultaneous Movie Night on April 28 celebrating the new film productions created by students from six schools for the deaf around the country.

The CSDR program is well established-this was their Seventh Annual CSDR Movie Night-while MSSD hosted its First Annual MSSD Movie Night. During the course of the evening, the audience in MSSD's Theatre Malz connected with the audience at CSDR via a videophone call projected onto the stage screen. Mal Grossinger, superintendent of CSDR, and Mindi Failing, principal of MSSD, exchanged some fun competitive banter to the delight of both audiences.

The competing schools were: the American School for the Deaf with one entry, CSDR with four entries, the Indiana School for the Deaf with one entry, the New Mexico School for the Deaf (NMSD) with one entry, the New York School for the Deaf with two entries, and MSSD with one entry. The themes of the films varied, including romance, mock horror, friendship, mystery, and crime. The MSSD film Darma told the tale of a twist of fate where two couples, one hearing and one deaf, trade places and find their everyday lives upside down.

"We greatly appreciate our distinguished panel of judges," said Judy Stout, the Clerc Center's student enhancement educator and Movie Nigh event coordinator. The judges for the First Annual MSSD Movie Night were film and stage actress Monique Holt, Gallaudet University professor of Communication Studies Jane Norman, and Gallaudet University assistant professor for Theatre Arts Cheryl Lundquist.

MSSD Movie Night Awards

Best Story

1st place: Intervention-CSDR
2nd place: Darma-MSSD
3rd place: That So Him-NMSD

Best Picture

1st place: Til Death Do Us Part-CSDR
2nd place: That So Him-NMSD
3rd place: Darma-MSSD

Best Poster

1st place: That So Him-NMSD
2nd place: Til Death Do Us Part-CSDR
3rd place: Darma-MSSD

Best Cast

Best Actor: Emilio Garcia, Darma-MSSD
Best Actress: Brittany Macedo, Other Half-CSDR
Supporting Actor: Antonio Sandoval, Intervention-CSDR
Supporting Actress: Julie Love, Intervention-CSDR