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2013 Odyssey issue focuses on special education and related services


The 2013 issue of Odyssey, the Clerc Center's magazine for educators and families, is now available online. This year's issue, the largest produced in the history of the publication, includes 20 articles by a total of 26 authors on topics related to accessing appropriate special education and related services for deaf and hard of hearing students. 

"The educational landscape is changing rapidly...The tsunami-like wave of advances in early identification, medicine, and technology and in educational practice, policy, and accountability create both opportunity and risk for the students we serve," said Ed Bosso, vice president of the Clerc Center, in his introductory letter to the issue. "The stories in this issue of Odyssey illustrate the complexities and challenges faced in obtaining and providing appropriate services for deaf and hard of hearing students. ...It is my hope that these articles are a catalyst for dialogue and necessary change."

The 2013 Odyssey contributors address these issues and more in the following articles:

  • Letter from the Vice President by Edward Bosso 
  • It’s the Law! A Review of the Laws That Provide Americans with Access for All by Barbara Raimondo
  • Generation to Generation: The Fight for Language Access Continues by Travis Zellner 
  • A Rural School Educator Builds Student Learners Through Access to Curriculum, Self-Advocacy, and Connections to the Deaf Community by Megan Mathisen 
  • When the Least Restrictive Environment is Residential: Meeting the Needs of Our Son by Djenne-Amal Morris Connecting Schoolwork to Life Work: Students Practice Setting Their Own Educational Goals by Theresa Johnson, John A. Serrano, and Daniel Veit 
  • Standing Up for Our Children By Christine Griffin Individualizing Deaf Education Services: More Important Than Ever Before by Janet DesGeorges 
  • Fostering Skills in Self-Advocacy: A Key to Access in School and Beyond by John L. Luckner and Sharon J. Becker 
  • The Great Self-Advocacy Wave! Mom Teaches Most Important Lesson: “Explain!” by Joey Lynn Resciniti 
  • Advocating for Children and Their Families Within the School System: Reflections of a Long-Time Special Education Advocate by Ruth C. Heitin 
  • Essential in Ensuring Access to Services: A Teacher of the Deaf by Heather Stinson 
  • Beyond the Clinic: Providing Services, Supports, and Connections to Help Children and Their Families Thrive by Kevin J. Nolan, Jr. 
  • Creating Community: Balancing the Personal and Professional by Connie Stevens 
  • Educational Interpreters: Meeting the Communication Needs of Children with Cochlear Implants by Julie Melton and Renée Higbee 
  • Section 504—The 1973 Law Still Makes a Difference by Beth Ann Dobson 
  • For Parents and Children Access is Key—To Curriculum, to Services, and to Each Other by Jodee S. Crace, Jennifer Ronco, and Tami Hossler 
  • Transition Specialists Partner with Students to Turn Dreams into Reality by Ann Flannery 
  • Minnesota Brings Together Stakeholders to Develop a Plan for Children Who are Deaf, DeafBlind, and Hard of Hearing by Mary Hartnett 
  • To Save a Son by Sherri Zummo 
  • Child First: A Belief, an Attitude, and a Path to Change by Jane Mulholland 
  • The Back Page: The Parent and the Advocate Within By T. Alan Hurwitz

Odyssey is available at no cost. Email Odyssey@gallaudet.edu to subscribe today.