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ASL Content Standards, K-12 update

Image: ASL Standards

The Clerc Center is pleased to announce that it has validated the research synthesis developed by the ASL Standards Contract Team for the ASL Content Standards. The research synthesis consists of a collection of current research on ASL development and acquisition from kindergarten to twelfth grade as well as the proposed framework of standards strands and benchmarks of what ASL skills students should learn by grades three, five, eight, and twelve. The ASL Standards Contract Team, which consists of university researchers and deaf school leaders, has worked diligently to develop this research-supported document that will serve as the foundation for the next phase of the development process.

As the ASL Standards Contract Team begins the next phase of work-drafting the K-12 ASL Content Standards and benchmarks-the Clerc Center wants to acknowledge the expert reviewers that provided input during the review stage of the research synthesis and proposed framework prior to validation. This group of reviewers was selected through an open nomination process that took place in the spring of 2011. Criteria for selection included:

  • Expertise in the areas of:
  • ASL acquisition
  • ASL development
  • Linguistics
  • Pedagogy
  • K-12 student learning
  • Experience participating in peer and professional reviews
  • Proof of scholarly productivity (e.g., journal or book publications, research, honors and awards)

This esteemed group of reviewers consisted of:

  • Dr. Deborah Chen Pichler of Gallaudet University, Washington, D.C.
  • Dr. Kim Brown Kurz of the Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, New York
  • Dr. Marlon Kuntze of Boston University, Boston, Massachusetts (now at Gallaudet University)
  • Dr. Poorna Kushalnagar of the University of Rochester, Rochester, New York (now at the Rochester Institute of Technology)
  • Dr. Diane Lillo-Martin of the University of Connecticut, Mansfield, Connecticut
  • Dr. Richard Meier of the University of Texas, Austin, Texas
  • Dr. Brenda Schick of the University of Colorado at Boulder, Boulder, Colorado

The Clerc Center anticipates receiving the first draft of the standards and benchmarks from the ASL Standards Contract Team in late spring. This draft will be reviewed by a feedback group of teachers and practitioners this summer, and then a draft of the standards will be available for public review and comment in the fall. When it is ready for public comment, please take the opportunity to provide your feedback. A validation team-a group of experts still to be identified-will review the final draft of the standards and benchmarks in relation to the research synthesis to ensure both are aligned and complete. The ASL Content Standards, K-12 will be finalized and ready for dissemination in 2013.

Please contact the ASL Content Standards Action Plan at clerc.center@gallaudet.edu with questions.