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Audiences Delighted with MSSD Fall Showcase Performance, Letters to Grandma

In Letters to Grandma, performed November 5-7 by a cast of 11 MSSD students, writer Jason Stewart brought to the audience a humorous and poignant portrayal of a character named Junior as he shared his life stories in letters to his grandmother.

Co-directed by Stewart and MSSD student MeiLi Robbins, the beginning of the show set the scene with Junior’s father coming into his bedroom and trying to persuade Junior to stop playing videogames and do something with his mind, such as read a book or write a letter to his grandmother—a scene to which any parent and child in the audience could relate!

The play brought to life the letters in a unique way. As Junior wrote the letters in his bedroom, he sat stage right at a desk in a traditionally furnished room, while stage left a shadow cast of players acted out the story vignettes in mime. The actors, dressed all in black and in white mime makeup, created the scenes using a set of plain wooden boxes as their main props. They had the audience laughing at their humorous renditions of stories, such as Junior’s fumbling first day at school when he catches blame for everything, to a crazy episode when he fails his driver’s test, to taking his first date to a fancy restaurant and finding he had no money to pay the check. The mime artists’ emotional expressions captured the essence of a typical range of life experiences and led the audience to nods of recognition, laughter, and empathy for the "Junior" in all of us.

With the MSSD Fall Showcase an enormous success, the students are now preparing for the Winter Dance Concert, World Dance Express, which will run from February 4-6, 2010. Check back soon for more information!