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Check out News and Notables for Clerc Center updates


The Clerc Center periodically publishes an e-newsletter called News and Notables with highlights of what's happening at the Clerc Center regarding collaborative products under development with colleagues and families involved in deaf education, and news of activities from its two demonstration schools: Kendall Demonstration Elementary School and the Model Secondary School for the Deaf.

In the March 2012 News and Notables issue, you will find updates on the American Sign Language (ASL) Standards project for the development of national standards for assessing ASL in students from K-12. Other features describe the three Clerc Center webinars offered this year on power struggles with deaf and hard of hearing students, bi-modal and bilingual education, and deafness and autism. The webinars are free of charge and are archived on the Clerc Center website. The final story tells about the upcoming Odyssey magazine focusing on research to practice.

We welcome new subscribers to News and Notables from anyone involved in the deaf education field, and families with a deaf or hard of hearing child. Subscribe for free today and we will send the next and succeeding issues directly to your mailbox.
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