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Clerc Center Strategic Plan

Much of the work of the Clerc Center is defined by mandates in the Education of the Deaf Act (EDA). To guide its work through 2020, the Clerc Center unveiled the national service portion of the Clerc Center Strategic Plan 2020 (CCSP 2020). Providing for its foundation are these three identified priority areas:

  • Professional Development
  • Family-school/agency partnerships
  • Collaboration

Those priorities were identified during the Clerc Center’s National Priority Setting Meeting that took place in February of 2013 in Washington, D.C. At this meeting, a diverse group of professionals and parents from across the country convened for two days and discussed challenges that, if addressed by the Clerc Center, would have a positive impact on the success of current and future generations of deaf and hard of hearing children.

Each of the three priority areas of CCSP 2020 contains objectives and corresponding strategies that are based on data and findings from a number of national sources. These include dialogue during the National Priority Setting Meeting; collection and analysis of public input from 2010-2012; evaluation feedback on select trainings and products; and current research, practice, and resources in the priority areas.

The Clerc Center will begin implementing CCSP 2020 by establishing action plan teams to begin working towards the goals and objectives of the plan. Watch for the publication of CCSP 2020 here and for information on each action plan team.