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Clerc Center Strategic Plan

Much of the work of the Clerc Center is defined by mandates in the Education of the Deaf Act (EDA). To guide this work, in 2009 the Clerc Center convened a group of stakeholders representing educators, professionals, and families working with deaf and hard of hearing students from across the United States. This group shared and reviewed information about nationwide strengths, areas of improvement, and opportunities for growth in the field of deaf education. Using this information, the group developed a strategic plan that will serve as a map for the Clerc Center's work through the year 2012.

The Clerc Center began implementing the strategic plan by establishing action plan teams to begin working towards the goals and objectives of the plan. These teams consist of families, educators, and professionals. The public - our stakeholders across the country - are another important component of these teams. Throughout the process, public input will be solicited for a variety of purposes.

Help contribute to the work of meeting the needs of families and educators working with deaf and hard of hearing students across the country by reviewing the strategic plan goals and objectives and the action plan team requests for input.

Goals & Objectives and Action Plan Teams