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Guiding Legislation: Education of the Deaf Act

The Clerc Center has been mandated by Congress in the Education of the Deaf Act (EDA) to provide information, training, and technical assistance for parents and personnel throughout the nation to meet the needs of children who are deaf or hard of hearing with a broad spectrum of needs, including students who:

  • are lower achieving academically
  • come from non-English speaking homes
  • have secondary disabilities
  • are members of minority groups
  • are from rural areas.

In addition, the Clerc Center is expected to establish and publish priorities for research, development, and demonstration through a process that allows for public input.

The Clerc Center is also expected to maintain exemplary elementary and secondary educational programs and to develop, evaluate, and disseminate innovative curricula, materials, and instructional techniques and strategies that can be used in various educational environments, including:

  • regular classes
  • resource rooms
  • separate classes
  • separate nonresidential schools (public or private)
  • separate residential schools (public or private)
  • homebound or hospital environments.

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