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QuestFest Theatre Extravaganza—March 1-14

Image: Logo: QuestFest

QuestFest 2010 visual theatre festival groups will perform at locations around Gallaudet University, including the Model Secondary School for the Deaf (MSSD), from March 1-14, bringing an international roster of deaf and hearing artists showcasing an array of cutting-edge work. Now in its fourth year, QuestFest is produced by Quest: arts for everyone in partnership with Gallaudet, the Clerc Center, and the Theatre Project and Creative Alliance in Baltimore, Maryland.

During the festival weeks, Kendall Demonstration Elementary School (KDES) and MSSD students and MSSD alumni will participate in a variety of ways. MSSD student Wade Green is working this semester with QuestFest staff as an intern. A theatre group called Hong Kong Fusion, made up of artists-in-residence at KDES and MSSD, will be giving workshops on visual theatre. MSSD alumnus Ronnie Bradley will appear in the stage performance of E[motion]s.

The Clerc Center's Office of Public Relations, Products, and Training is coordinating the QuestFest Opening Night reception for performers, current MSSD students and alumni, and other audience members.

"The festival has attracted a full schedule of exceptional visual theatre artists from around the world. Their work represents cutting-edge performances that audiences have described as 'breathtaking,' 'inspiring,' and 'profound,'" said QuestFest producer Tim McCarty. "It is a remarkable thing at QuestFest to see the diversity and richness of visual theatre created by these artists. With QuestFest, cultural and language divides evaporate and for that time we all share together in the theatre, we are all simply human."

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Community outreach is an integral part of the Quest: arts for everyone approach. Quest staff members and affiliate artists are available to conduct workshops, classes, and residencies in a variety of arts and arts education-related areas.  For more information