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Congratulations to Students Honored at the MSSD Student Life Banquet

The Model Secondary School for the Deaf (MSSD) hosted its annual Student Life Banquet on May 25. "Each year we recognize the outstanding contributions our students have made to the school community," said Dale Ford, banquet chairperson and student enhancement educator. "We hope that the audience watching the award recipients will be encouraged to strengthen their own participation and commitment to Student Life activities." Dr. Angela McCaskill, Gallaudet University deputy to the president and associate provost for diversity and inclusion, was the guest speaker.

Congratulations to the 2010-2011 Student Life awardees:

Student Life Award: Kelly Doleac
Student Life Award: Brennan Terhune-Cotter
Student Leader of the Year: Mika Bennett-Fraychineaud
Student Leader of the Year: Franly Ulerio-Nunez
Peer Advisor of the Year: Ernest Willman
Peer Advisor of the Year: Jessica Nortey
SBG Most Promising Leader: Franly Ulerio-Nunez
Jr. NAD Most Outstanding: Mika Bennett-Fraychineaud
Jr. NAD Most Involved: Sara Selzer
Class of 2011 Most Outstanding: Natalie Owen
Class of 2011 Most Dedicated: Mika Bennett-Fraychineaud
Class of 2012 Most Outstanding: Ernest Willman
Class of 2012 Most Involved: Brennan Terhune-Cotter
Class of 1013 Most Dedicated: Dulce Avina-Ochoa.
Class of 2014 Most Outstanding: Emmanuel Njoku
Class of 2014 Most Improved: Kerie Scurry-Burns
Residential Hall Outstanding Student: Jessica Nortey
Residential Hall Most Improved: Atchara Supannee
Residential Hall Outstanding Student: Richard Navarro
Residential Hall Most Improved: Lukas Morkevicius
Miss Congeniality: Caitlin Williams
Mr. Congeniality: Navarro Hall
Media Club Award Most Promising Filmmaker: Mika Bennett-Fraychineaud
Student Employee of the Year: Ernest Willman
Most Improved Student Employee: Franly Ulerio-Nunez
Unsung Hero Award: Malika Spivey
Unsung Hero Award: Emmanuel Njoku