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Curious George Swings into Place

As the Newest Addition to the SRP Book Bag Library

Who could resist the humorous and playful antics of a lovable and curious monkey? H.A. and Margret Rey's classic children's books have sold over 25 million copies and are published in 10 different languages. Now, as part of the Clerc Center's SRP Book Bag Library, 10 of the titles are being made available with a translation into American Sign Language (ASL). Spanish text translations for the stories are available upon request.

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Families will enjoy sharing the humor, adventure, and playfulness of the Curious George stories with their deaf and hard of hearing children. Schools, libraries, and programs with the SRP book bags will surely want to add Curious George to their collections. It's easy to purchase individual book bags or the set of 10 from the Clerc Center's on-line catalog.

In the SRP program, deaf adult tutors use the book bags as an essential tool to help families become more comfortable with signing stories with their children using ASL. The tutors visit with parents or caregivers to share the best strategies for making reading a fun and enjoyable experience. At the end of an individual session, the tutor leaves a book bag with the parents or guardians so that they can practice signing the story until they meet again the following week.

Schools and programs around the country have successfully set up SRP site tutorial programs and lending libraries of the SRP book bags. The newest titles in the library are the Curious George series and the Arthur series. Each book bag contains a storybook; a DVD with a deaf adult signing the story in ASL; an activity guide to extend the story ideas; and a bookmark, "Tips for Reading to Your Deaf Child." The book bag library offers a wide range of popular children's stories. The SRP book bags may also be purchased separately from the tutorial program.

If your school, program, local library, or community center would like to set up an SRP site, the Clerc Center offers a comprehensive five-day training that covers all aspects of the SRP, from hiring and training tutors, to managing budgets, to advertising to families, to communication strategies, to how to set up a lending library of the SRP book bags. This year's SRP: Keys to Success Training for Site Coordinators will be held from June 21-25 on the campus of Gallaudet University in Washington, D.C. The training will be of special interest to administrators, teachers, and parent leaders. The registration fee is $350 until April 1; $375 after for U.S. participants ($450 until April 1; $475 after for international participants). The course fee covers the curriculum, the DVD, materials, and continental breakfast, lunch, and refreshments during breaks each day. For more information, e-mail training.clerccenter@gallaudet.edu or call (202) 651-5855 (TTY/V).

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