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Enjoying the Fruits of Their Labor from the House One Vegetable Garden

Image: First Lady chats with student

Image: KDES students working on pumpkins

Image: Pumkins

Pumpkins--An Ideal Vegetable Palette for Budding Artists

Last spring Gallaudet University First Lady Vicki Hurwitz invited children from Kendall Demonstration Elementary School (KDES) to create a vegetable garden at House One, the house of the University president.

Hurwitz, an avid gardener, wanted to share her love of vegetables by inspiring young gardeners to take an interest in planting and healthy eating. The students brought great enthusiasm to their planting of tomatoes, corn, peppers...and pumpkins! The First Lady promised to invite the students back in the fall for an event celebrating the harvest of the pumpkins.

On October 19, the now second and third graders took an autumn stroll across campus from KDES with their principal and teachers to House One for a pumpkin painting event. The First Lady greeted the students wearing a festive headband with two dangling pumpkins to fit in with the theme. There were pumpkins galore and each student was allowed to pick out his or her own pumpkin to paint.

Hurwitz shared, "We had about 15 pumpkins in the vegetable patch. The squirrels started to eat them so we pulled them from the ground. We kept some of the children's pumpkins at the front door. We decided it would be fun to invite the children to come and paint pumpkins."

When the students finished their pumpkin art, the First Lady served up pumpkin cookies and juice boxes for the artists. Gallaudet Academic Technology captured the event with a video clip. The students left House One with wagons full of decorated pumpkins, waving goodbye to their friend and fellow gardener.