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February Product of the Month Features Families Count! Math Kit

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Product of the Month: Families Count! Math Kit

Special POM price: $195

This complete kit will allow you to host Families Count! sessions. These sessions usually begin with a relaxing meal during which students and their families eat together and socialize. After the meal, participants watch a DVD that demonstrates how to communicate math concepts in American Sign Language, followed by fun group activities in which families play math games. The sessions end with a math-related children’s story either read live or viewed on a DVD.

The carefully planned sessions help families and their deaf or hard of hearing children:

  • communicate about math;
  • perform hands-on activities that reinforce math concepts in the areas of geometry, measurement, number sense, fractions, and time; and
  • enjoy a colorful, appealing math-related storybook as told by an adult in American Sign Language.

There are three different levels in the program. The activities in each level correspond to the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Principles and Standards. The complete kit includes an administrator kit and materials for all three levels:

  • Level 1: Kindergarten through grade 2
  • Level 2: Grades 3 through 5
  • Level 3: Grades 6 through 8

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