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Fox Media to Interview MSSD Rugby Team on November 10

Logo: Ambassador ShieldMSSD is one of a select group of schools in the Washington, D.C., area to field a rugby team. Fox Media will interview MSSD and Hyde Leadership Public Charter School team players on November 10 as they prepare to participate in the 13th Annual Ambassador's Shield Rugby Match. MSSD is the only all-deaf high school rugby team in the country, and Hyde’s team is considered the nation’s first all-African American high school rugby team. The annual Ambassador’s Shield Rugby Match has become a way to raise awareness of a little-played sport in the United States.

The 2009 Ambassador’s Shield Rugby Match is set for November 15. This year’s tournament will feature men’s, women’s, golden oldies, and youth rugby in addition to the featured match between New Zealand Ambassador’s XV, a team of New Zealand’s best, and the Mid-Atlantic Rugby Union All-Stars XV. If you’ve never seen the famous New Zealand war dance—the “Haka”—or live rugby, then this is a must-see event unique to the area. [More Information]

The Hyde Leadership Public Charter School serves as a partner in this event to benefit its youth rugby program.

The Ambassador’s Shield Rugby Match was the productive outcome of a meeting between a number of New Zealanders playing rugby in the Washington area and the New Zealand Ambassador to the United States, John Wood. The idea behind the match was to promote New Zealand’s culture in the Washington area by pitting a team of expatriate Kiwis against a local select side. Following the game the players, officials, and supporters congregate at the Embassy for a post-game celebration and hospitality.