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Fox Real American Stories Documentary Features MSSD Rugby Team

web snapshotFox Real American Stories Documentary Shares How Rugby Community Spirit Helped Forge a New Relationship Between MSSD and the Hyde Leadership Public Charter School

The rugby playing community in the Washington, D.C., area wants to establish a greater awareness of the sport and to see more teams established, especially in schools and at league levels. This non-stop action game has a great deal to offer as a sport for both boys and girls.

Two die-hard rugby fans, Tal Bayer, rugby coach at the Hyde Leadership Public Charter School, and Mark Burke, athletic director at the Clerc Center, got together last year with an idea. Burke wanted to start up a rugby team at the Model Secondary School for the Deaf (MSSD) and Hyde had an established team. What if the two teams worked together, with the Hyde players sharing with the MSSD players what they had learned about the game?

The collaboration got off to a great start last spring, and this fall the two teams met again for practice and training at Hyde in preparation for a match in the 13th Annual Ambassador’s Shield on November 14, in which both league and amateur teams competed. The day of the practice, Fox Media sent out a reporter and a camera crew to make a documentary about the two schools for its Real American Stories series. The story, “Giving Back…An Inner-City School Teaches Rugby to a School for the Deaf,” highlights how the two teams from very different backgrounds have found a way to learn and share with each other as both friends and competitors. The documentary first aired on Fox Inside News on Monday, December 7. The story is now posted with captions on the Real American Stories website at http://www.realamericanstories.com.