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Gallaudet Univeristy
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3rd Place Essay Winner: 15-19 Age Group

"Soul of Philanthropy"

Christopher Jackson
Carson Senior High School
Carson, CA

I will explain why I chose Soul of Philanthropy as a topic and how to help others in my community. The Soul of Philanthropy means to help your heart, soul and mind to understand, it is an idiom to consider how to think about others and yourself as well. People do not like to request for help, it is difficult to ask for help when you have your guard up all of the times. Most people want to have the ideal look of being strong and self-governing. The majority of groups like to reflect they are faultless and they do not need any guidance. Many individuals like to believe that they are the perfect observation of themselves; they do not allow others to explicate their behaviors, positions, nor flaws.

Let me clarify this topic in a better way, I will use my precedent experience as a pattern of helping others in my community. I have been in treatment at Cathedral Home for Children nearly 9 months, and I have seen many kids that get in the system here and suppose they are too superior to get help. When I first arrived at CHC, I thought that I did not need to be here, and I was completely fine. I once told my mother to facilitate the fact that she had the audacity to disagree that I should be at Cathedral Home. The Soul of Philanthropy fits every condition we are in, it is a cue to people that we all make inaccuracies also we can hinder to alter it.

I, myself, formulate mistakes in existence, and I am brave enough to own up it. I have applied ambition to lead to sympathetically use my past actions and correct them if I had regretted them. It required a long time for me to identify with myself more. I have been egotistical for almost 18 years; it was a point in time for me to impede and operate. I had to start thinking about others when I need or wanted something. I have been blissful with who I am, here at CHC, I have talked with counselors, youth workers, and cottage directors; I would like to consider that the fact is people here did not help others or me. They assist you with life goals and expect you to pursue the goals that are given in due of time. They do not expect perfection; they want you to apprehend that the goals are developed for a reason. They want you to use the goals as baby steps to grow into an enhanced individual.

They are the ones to remind us to grow; honestly, no one can help anyone if they do not want help. I have realized that I am the only one that is helping me, and God gave me numerous life complications; I had to learn how to pass all of them through on my own. Being a treatment resident, I have used my experiences in life to discuss with other residents at CHC; they understood where I came from. I utilized my past actions to sense why I did this and how I did that. Many individuals learn from mistakes, and they can use the mistakes to help others, and aid them to understand reality.

I have followed Gandhi's methods in life at present; I've been abused, bullied, teased, and picked on. I fought back all times, but that was the reason why I was at Cathedral Home, to improve my approach to negativity. I track this quote all times now, "First, they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win." This is a helpful quote to help your community. Let others understand how to deal with negativity, when you choose to have trouble in life, then deal with it positively and be positive to counteract negativity. Negativity occurs many times in our community, we can help each other to decrease it, and that is another way to help your community.

When I started this essay, I directly did not know what to type about. I continuously read the requirements for this contest, and I did not focus on the real meaning of the quote. I sustained reading the theme, "Helping Others: How Can I Make a Difference in my Community", and I supposed to myself that I cannot type this essay because it is hard for me to understand how to help others when I am really helping others with this essay. I did not know what to illustrate for the art contest, also, I did not want to film a video of myself signing my language. Meanwhile, I have been in progress to comprehend that the only way you can form a difference in your civilization is to raise your Soul of Philanthropy. Help yourself to help others.