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Hearing Technology for Babies

Improved technology and widespread hearing screening programs have increased the chances of a baby's hearing loss being identified soon after birth. Depending on the baby's residual hearing, some parents opt to use hearing aids. Audiologists recommend fitting children with hearing aids when they are young, partially to develop the child's ability to use residual hearing and partially to accustom the child to wearing hearing aids.

A child with a permanent hearing loss should be evaluated by an audiologist to determine which type of hearing instrument will be most beneficial. The ideal audiology facility for babies will specialize in serving young children and offer loaner hearing instruments. A hearing instrument evaluation can be done as the child's hearing loss is better understood, and the audiologist can recommend hearing aids for purchase based on the evaluation.

Some families may wish to consider cochlear implants for their children. The Clerc Center offers a comprehensive look at cochlear implants and the factors involved in the decision making process.
Cochlear Implant Education Center

Additional Resources

Boystown National Research Hopsital describes how hearing aids are chosen for and tested on babies and young children and offers practical tips for helping babies become accustomed to hearing aids.
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