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Selected Sign Language Books for Young Readers

Do you know a child who would like to learn American Sign Language (ASL)? Each of the books on this list introduces sign language in a fun and colorful fashion designed to attract the young learner. These books can be purchased through various direct publishers, or amazon.com.


Beginning Sign Language Series- This series presents ASL learners with clear representations of signs that you would find in different environments. Book topics include: Numbers, Signing at School, Finger Alphabet, Church Signs, Can I Help Signs, Animal Signs, Foods, Fruits & Vegetables, Family and Community, Mother Goose in Sign, Holidays and Celebrations, Caring for Young Children and many more titles. These books can be purchased individually or in pre-packaged sets
through Garlic Press Publishers. For full book descriptions, prices and ordering information visit
Garlic Press online at: www.garlicpress.com

Sign Language Children’s Series- This series has been put together by Dawn Sign Press as an introductory course to ASL through use of signs one would find in different situations. This series is focused on developing vocabularies for the students. Book topics include: Clowns, Feelings, Animals, Fun, House and Opposites. Books can be purchased individually or as a series. To view full product details as well as prices and shipping information visit Dawn Sign Press online at:

Individual Publications:

Flodin, Mickey (1995) Signing is Fun: A child’s introduction to the basics of sign language. Perigee Books.

Kramer, Jackie & Ovadia, Tali (2000). You can Learn Sign Language: Mora Than 300 Words in Pictures. NJ: Troll Communications.

Bahan, Ben & Dannis, Joe (1990). Signs for Me: Basic Vocabulary for Children Parents and Teachers. San Diego CA: Dawn Sign Press

Bahan, Ben & Dannis, Joe (1994). My ABC Signs of Animal Friends San Diego CA: Dawn Sign Press.

Bednarczyk, A. M. (1997). Happy birthday! A beginner's book of signs. New York: Star Bright Books.

Bednarczyk, A. (1997). Opposites: a beginner’s book of sign. New York: Star Bright Books.

Hafer, J.C. (1996). Come sign with us: Sign Language activities for children (2nd ). Washington D.C.: Gallaudet University Press.

Votsky, Kim & Waller, Curt (2001). Baby’s First Signs. Washington DC: Gallaudet University Press.

Votsky, Kim & Waller, Curt (2003) A Book of Colors and Out for a Walk: A Baby’s First Sign Book. Washington DC: Kendall Green Publications.

Folk Tales:

Beginning Sign Language Series- (BSLS) offers young ASL learners a chance to learn signs as they appear in folk tales that have been adapted from different cultures. Three complete stories offered are: “Coyote & Bobcat”, “Raven & Water Monster” and “Fountain of Youth”. Detailed story descriptions, prices and ordering information available online at: www.garlicpress.com


The following publishers also offer infant to toddler sign language books for new learners.

Harris Communications

Hand Speak

National Association of the Deaf

T.J. Publishers

Online American Sign Language Dictionaries:

Master Tech ASL Dictionary

Life Print

Hand Speak

*All of the above publishing companies also sell activity cards in ASL as well as further learning tools for students of all ages.