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Learning Sign Language: Media Resources

The purpose of this list is to provide information of media resources available to learn sign language. Part I lists DVDs, videotapes and audiocassettes including a listing of special interest: Part II lists computer programs. Part III lists complete address for companies and publishers. These programs represent a variety of different sign systems at a beginning level.

Basic types of manual communication:
American Sign Language (ASL) Referred as American Sign Language, or ASL. ASL is a visual/gesture language with vocabulary, grammar, idioms, and syntax different from English. ASL is the language of the American and Canadian deaf communities.

Signs in English Word order The process of signing in English word order has generated several names including "Pidgin Sign English" (PSE), and "contact sign." This kind of signing, which developed naturally out of the desire for hearing and deaf people to communicate with each other and incorporate features of ASL and English. Because it is neither ASL nor English, signing in English word order can reflect different forms, sometimes being more like ASL, other times being more like English. When signing in English word order, some users may use signs only when they know a sign of ASL that translates the English word and finger spell the word if uncertain of the ASL sign.

Signing Exact English (SEE) SEE is a sign system modeled after the English Language, using exact sentence structure, idiom verb endings. SEE is a visual form of English. This list attempts to be comprehensive as of its publication date. Inclusion or omission of a title does not constitute an endorsement or other judgment by the compilers or Deaf Education Network and Clearinghouse. As this list is compiled chiefly from various sources, information is subject to change and its accuracy cannot be guaranteed. Additional listing and corrections will be welcomed for the next update of this listing.

Part I: DVD's, Videotapes and Audiocassettes

Alphabets around the world
2 video cassette series.
Provides a sample of various manual alphabets used in selected countries around the world dispelling the myth that sign language is universal. Twenty-four countries sign languages displaying the ABC's , colors and numbers is represented.
1991: Sign Media Inc.

A series of eight cassettes tapes, (60 minute each) and book.
Lou Fant gives a clear spoken presentation about Ameslan (ASL), discussing themes such as Ameslan/ASL as a valid language to that of English, emphasis the difference of grammatical and syntax usage, and discusses briefly of deaf culture. He explains various manual communications used by the deaf community, SEE, Amerslan (ASL) and Manual coded English (Pidgen Sign language). A written book is to be used with the tape. Great for a hearing blind person, or a hearing person who needs auditory cues to learn sign language. 1972: Joyce Media.

American Sign Language: ABC stories
1 videotape , 62 minutes.
Deaf people presenting "sign play" stories using the letter of the manual alphabet order to tell a story.
1992: Sign Media Inc.

American Sign Language Basic for hearing parents of Deaf Children
1 book and 2 videotapes.
This set introduces hearing parents to ASL, encouraging them to communicate immediately to deaf/hard of hearing child. A closed captioned videotape illustrated introductory concepts, provides visual examples to follow. The 2nd videotape demonstrates many of practice exercises. This set can benefit teachers who need a basic introduction to communicate with deaf children. 1995: Butte Publications.

American Sign Language Phrase Book Series
Set of 3 videotapes- 60 minutes each.
Learn to converse in ASL phrases, expressions, sentence and questions, which come up in everyday conversation. 1994: Sign Media, Inc.

An Intellectual Look At American Sign Language/Legacy Signs
Book and Videotape, each sold separately. Video entitled "Beginning Vocabulary #1".
Separate book includes Spanish edition. Video contains 110 commonly used signs related to topics of food, animals, things and object in the home and outdoors. Kodiak Media Group.

ASL across America
12 videotapes-VHS.
Use of sign with voice. The participant in the video presents regional sign personal, with sharing of school experiences, education of deaf children, and deaf clubs. 1992: Sign Media.

An introduction to American deaf culture
Set of 5 videotapes, 60 minutes each.
Illustrates system of rules for social interaction that is followed by members of the deaf community. For example, rules of social interaction, values, group norms, identity, and language traditions.
1993: Sign Media.

ASL Literature Series
1 videotape, and 1 student workbook.
A series intended specifically to provide ASL literature for person learning ASL and deaf culture. One program has been released "Bird of a different feather. " (Ben Behan) & "For a decent living." (Sam Supalla) The student video and workbook, narratives are divided into structural units; topic units, chapters and parts. Can be use inside or outside the classroom.
1992: Dawn Pictures.

ASL Numbers: Developing your skill
3 Videotapes, 60 minutes each.
Teaches the proper use of numbers in American Sign Language. 1989: Sign Media.

ASL Sampler
1 videotape.
Includes seven samples taken from the Sign to voice interpreting series and from Deaf Children Signers: 10 year old storyteller. The language used ranges from straight ASL to PSE with mouthing; the models range from a child to senior members of the deaf community. Sign Enhancers

Basic Sign Communication
6 videotapes.
1985: Signed and captioned, this basic sign communication curriculum is published and distributed by the National Association of the Deaf.

Basic Sign Language for Children
1 videotape.
This video is designed to teach children single word, especially good for developmentally delayed children, preschoolers, parents and educational staff. 1988: See-Sign Productions.

Beginning American Sign Language Videocourse
16 videotapes.
This video providers lessons of basic of American Sign Language, with the scenario of the 'Bravo family'. 1992: Sign Enhancers, Inc.

Beginning Level-Signing Exact English
4 videotapes with workbook.
There are 14 lessons with 50-vocabulary and practice sentence in each lesson. Words and sentences are presented twice allowing time for observation and practice. Signs with voice. 1984: Modern Signs Press, Inc.

Communicating with the hearing impaired: An introductory course in American sign Language
1 Videotape- 38 minutes.
This program provides an understanding of the nature of American Sign Language and sufficient vocabulary to permit reasonable communication with the Deaf and hard-of-hearing. The program covers finger spelling, numbers, common phrases, and specialized signs. 1989: Films for the Humanities

Communicating with the hearing impaired patient: An interactive course in American Sign Language
For health care providers, to give them a basic sign vocabulary for use with deaf patients. Includes a reference manual, teacher's guide, and a sign language textbook. 1991: Films for the Humanities

Conversational Sign Language
1 videotape
Use of both sign language and spoken English to teach sign language at a beginner level.
1988: Multi-Media

Deaf Children Signers
3 separate videos
Short stories in sign, each is followed by two model voice interpretations, Intended for sign to voice interpretation practice, for practice in receptive signs with children, and a good sign language model for deaf children. 1991: Sign Enhancers

The Face of ASL
4 videotapes in series.
This video shows an important role in ASL, displaying grammatical information through rule-governed movements of the upper face, head, and compelling meaning through a variety of lower facial behaviors. Each tape contains descriptions and demonstrations of facial behavior in context and practice exercises for viewers to check comprehension and production. Each part is available separately or in a set. 1991: Sign Media Inc.

Fingerspelling: Expressive & Receptive Fluency
1 videotape with a 24 page instructional booklet-120 minutes.
Joyce Linden Groode presents concepts for assisting in the recognition, understanding, and expression of finger spelling terms, such as word shapes, closure, and context. This video is designed to increase expressive and receptive finger spelling skills. 1992: Dawn Sign Press.

Fingerspelling Practice Tapes
4 videotapes - 43 minutes.
Series of tapes provides the user with finger spelling practice from different angles and speed. Each tape focuses on topic on a different area, using both male and female models, and left and right hand dominant individuals. 1991: Sign Media Inc.

From Mime to Sign
3 videotapes
Videotape in conjunction to the book, From Mime to Sign. by Gil Eastman. Emphasizes natural gestures, mime and facial expression as the foundation for sign language. Does not formally teach signs, but rather develops the individual's nonverbal communication skills, with the results of improved skills in nonverbal communication, improved attitudes about learning sign language, and motivating the student for more instruction and materials. 1989: T. J. Publishers.

The Interax sign language video course
6 videos course -5 hours total - 6 VHS videotapes.
A quality video series of the signs and introductory concepts of American Sign Language (ASL). Divided into 57 subject related lessons A Quick Quiz at the end of each lesson lets you check your sign language comprehension, giving you confidence to move forward. Upon completion of the course you will have learned more than 1200 signs of American Sign Language (ASL). This will give you the ability to communicate effectively with the deaf. 1989: Interax Video Sign Language Course.

3 Videotapes-30 minutes each.
An instructional video designed to teach hearing children of all ages sign language. A signing 'stuffed teddy bear' teaches basic signs to children. The bear introduces the sign and models them in a sentence. Heartsong Communications

Learning American Sign Language
1 videotape - 98 minutes.
Presents 72 conversation and hundreds of key sentences for conversation to help to acquire signing technique needed in everyday signing situations. 1992; Prentince Hall.

Linguistics of American Sign Language
1 videotape - 60 minutes-VHS.
Accompanies the book of the same title. Three deaf persons, Clayton Valli, Ceil Bucas, and Val Dively present a brief introduction to American Sign Language through a linguistics-based approach.
1992: Gallaudet Press

Numbers 1-10
1 videocassette- 21minutes.
Use of number recognition and counting in eight short segments using music, animation, puppets.
1997: School Zone Publishing Company.

One, two buckle your shoe
3 videocassettes- 89 minutes.
Deaf teacher Bob Alcorn instructs on the numbering systems in ASL with a voice-over. Various systems are introduced, the rules for that system are explained, and signed samples follow. 1994: Sign Enhancers

Parent Sign Series
A complete set of 10 1-hour videotapes.
Learn the signs that 'fits your needs', and help you communicate quickly with your deaf child. Good for parents to use at home or in outside situations. Example programs are "The Dentist's office", "The Grocery Store", "Dinner at home". 1988: Sign Media

Practice Videotape for Sign Language Made Simple
1 Videotape- 120 minutes.
Accompanies Edgar D. Lawrence's book 1975 book, Sign Language Made Simple. May be purchased separately or with the book included. Approximately 600 sentences (1500 signs) are presented for signing practice while following the book. Signs are presented in PSE, using ASL in English word order. 1990: Sign Language Interpreting Inc.

Read with me
A videotape series starting with beginning level of sign language
Title on container "Sharing the joy of storytelling with young deaf toddler", this videotape offers hearing parents the opportunity to learn simple signs in ASL. 1996: Boys Town

Reading to deaf children: Learning from Deaf Adults
1 Videotape 59 minutes.
Fifteen Principals acts as a guide for parents and teachers to learn how to read to deaf children. 1997: Laurent Clerc National Deaf Education Center

Sign and ABC's: A new way to play
1 videocassette - 50 minutes.
The video teaches new signs and the alphabet through finger-spelling, spoken and written English.
1997: Aylmer Press

Signing Time!
My First Signs - Vol.1 videotape or DVD, Playtime Signs - Vol.2 videotape or DVD, Everyday Signs - Vol.3 videotape or DVD, and Signing Time Music Vol. 1-3 CD
Cousins Alex Brown (who can hear) and Leah Coleman (who is deaf) invite children of all ages to "Come sign with us!" Signing Time!

Sign Language Crash Course
1 videotape and 1 book.
Illustrates exercises from the book of the same title. Continuing information from 'Crash Course' General 1. Purpose of course to introduce both ASL and Sign English. Models in Video are deaf, and from Deaf families. 1994: SignQuest Publisher

Sign Language for Kids: Everyday Words and Phrases
Join Sign Language interpreter Ronni Stark and seven of her young friends as they enjoy a day filled with Sign Language. Learn over seventy useful words and phrases in American Sign Language while watching this delightfully entertaining video. 1996: Lily's World

Sign Language for Kids: The Alphabet
1 video 25 minutes.
The Alphabet is a fun and entertaining video that teaches kids how to sign the alphabet. The video includes playful guessing games, the alphabet song, and spellings of everyday words. 1996: Lily's World.

Sign With Me: A Family Sign Language Curriculum (ASL version)
2 videotapes, 1 parent workbook-2 volumes.
For parents of very young deaf children, wishing to learn signs along with their child.
1993: Center for Hearing Loss in Children, Boys Town National Research Hospital.

Sign with your baby: How to communicate with infants before they can speak
1video 60 minutes, closed captioned.
This is a reference guide to communicate with your baby using hands and signs. A good tool for caregivers of deaf and hearing babies. 1999: Harris Communication.

Signing Naturally
5 videotapes, 1 hour each; Levels 1 and 2
Five units are released, three for teachers and two for students. Teacher's texts outline curriculum plan, lessons, and activities and support materials. In addition videotapes helps teacher present awareness of Deaf culture, norms and behaviors. Student's texts include practice in sequencing, conclusion drawing, summarizing and answering short questions and fill-ins with an answer key.
1988 and 1992: Dawn Sign Press

Silent Sounds of Music
1 Videotape 30 minutes.
The story of ASL and its structure as a visual language is described. The alphabet, basic vocabulary, key sentences for conservation is presented. In addition, presentations of songs are included. Includes both spoken and sign languages. 1995: Superior Home Video.

Sing 'n Sign For Fun!
1 Video, 42 min.
VHS music videosigned, voiced, and open captioned. Features Gaia and lively, multi-cultural group of deaf and hearing children (ranging in ages from 3-13) performing 7 upbeat songs with sign language plus the manual alphabet. A friendly sign-teaching segment precedes each song and an insert of lyrics and sign translations is included. 1996: Heartsong Communications.

Sports Sign Series
4 videotape, 30 minutes each.
An ongoing series of instructional and informational videotapes for use by deaf students, coaches, sign language instructors, and interpreters. Each tape focuses on a different sport, and includes brief signed history of the game, a signed overview of the game's rules, and the sign vocabulary used in the fame. Each vocabulary item is identified by an English gloss. Sports covered included "Basketball", Baseball", Volleyball" and "Soccer". 1991: Sign Media

Part II: Computer Programs

ABC's of American Sign Language: Fingerspelling
Use with 8 MB RAM/ Windows 95 A series of lesson on CD-ROM, that contains over 100 signs in ASL and English, and assist to improve receptive fingerspelling skills. Can be used in a group or classroom setting. ADCO Hearing Products

American Sign Language for Kids
Use with windows/Mac, A signing dog leads children age three years and older to teach signs such as action, animal words, and facial expressions. Multimedia 2000

American Sign Language
Mac (68020 or greater recommended), with 3 MB free RAM and MB free hard disk space (4 MB for Power Mac) This program is set up as a lesson format, and presents over 600 ASL signs, including letter of the alphabet, sentences, and numbers. Bowling Green Press, Inc.

American Sign Language Dictionary on CD-ROM
Based on Martin Sternberg's The American Sign Language Dictionary, which is included. Offers 2200 signs for words and phrases using a multimedia approach (text, illustrations, audio and video) five areas are offered in the first menu screen: Dictionary, skills, Finger-spelling, ASL overview and guided tour. "Dictionary" allows searching for signs by typing in a few letters browsing an A-Z list or browsing categories. Selecting a word puts on the screen a pronunciation guide, a description of how the sign is made, a line drawing of the signs, and a hint to help remember the sign. A voice can be used along with the sign to describe how to make the sign. "Skills allows testing recognition skills by reviewing signs or playing a concentration-style game. "Finger-spelling" teaches the manual alphabet and also includes a finger spelling recognition game. "ASL Overview" provides a brief history of the language and some hints for learning it, as well as a bibliography and lists of services and devices for deaf people, including a resource listing. "Guided tour" is a tutorial is a tutorial on how to use this CD-ROM. Harris Communications

HyperSign: An interactive dictionary of American Sign Language
Includes 3 installation disks. Compatible with Macintosh, or Windows PC. This program is design for instructional text in English or Spanish. Provides access at 3 levels: adult dictionary of 2,000 signs, a teen dictionary, and child's dictionary, which is designed for nonreaders and pre-readers. See ASL in full motion video. 1997: Trinity Software.

Interactive Sign Language 101 Basic Signs
Computer Software, requires Windows 3.1 or later. Life like photographs and moving animation of hands can build custom vocabulary for variety of practice sessions. Control of signing speed on computer, learn and practice at your own pace. This CD-ROM turns your computer into your personal ASL tutor! It teaches you key ASL words and lets you set the pace. Aids with basic sign language comprehension and fluency. SignMedia.

Personal Communicator
Power Macintosh compatible; 16 MB of RAM (32 MB or RAM or better suggested) Windows 95, Contain an American Sign Language/English dictionary which includes 2500 signs, allowing the user to develop language skills in ASL and English. Communication Technology Lab, Michigan State University

Sign Language for Everyone: An interactive guide to learning American Sign Language
Program in 14 lessons including vocabulary, grammar, origins of signs, and use of facial expressions. 1998: Higher Learning Systems.

Sign Link-Lexicon of ASL
Learn ASL with this CD ROM with clip of 1,000 most common signs. This program will allow you to view and imitate deaf signers sharpening not only your production but also your reception skills of the language. Perfect for beginners. Signmedia

Subtle Messages
3 CD ROM disks for Window 3.1 or better- A "multimedia" program that presents a non-manual grammatical markers used in ASL in four lessons, each 20-30 minutes long. The lessons cover question forms, conditionals, assertion and negation. Over 700 brief video clips are included. Subtle Impact Software

Part III: Companies/Publishers Contact Information

ADCO Hearing Products
5661 So. Curtice St.
Littleton, CO 80120
V/T (800) 726-8051
V/T (303) 794-3928
FAX (303) 794-3704

ASL Access
4217 Adrienne Drive
Alexandria, VA. 22309
V (703) 799-8733
T (703) 799-4896

Aylmer Press
Box 2735
Madison, WI 53701

Bill Rice Ranch Films
627 Bill Rice Ranch Road
Murfreesboro, TN 37128
(800) 253-RICE

Bowling Green Press, Inc.
P.O. Box 582
Bowling Green, OH 43402

Boys Town Press
14100 Crawford Street
Boys Town, NE 68010
(800) 282-6657
Fax- 1-402-498-1301

Butte Publications
P.O. Box 1328
Hillsboro, OR 97123
V/T 800 330-9791
FAX (503)-693-9526

Captioned Media Programs
National Association for the Deaf

1447 East Main Street
Spartanburg, SC 29307
T-1-(800) 237-6819
FAX- 1 800 538-5636

The Center for Sutton Movement Writing
P.O. Box 517
La Jolla, CA 92038-0517

Communication Technology Lab
Michigan State University
East Lansing, MI 48824-1042
(517) 353-9229

Communications Unlimited
9618 Oregano Circle
Houston, TX 77036
V/T (713) 271-7818
FAX: (713) 271-8709

Dawn Sign Press
6130 Nancy Ridge Drive
San Diego, CA 92121-3223
FAX-(858) 625-2336

Deaf Connection, Inc.
330 Hawthorne Lane
Vero Beach, FL 32962
V 561-564-0737
FAX 561-564-0738

Films for the Humanities & Sciences
P.O. Box 2053
Princeton, NJ 08543-2053
V- 1800-257-5126
FAX- 609-275-3765

Gallaudet University Press
800 Florida Ave. NE
Washington DC 20002
V/TTY-202 651-5488
FAX -202.651-5489

Harris Communication
15159 Technology Drive
Eden Praire, MN
55344 -2277
V (800)-825-6758
T (800)-825-9187
FAX- (800)-211-4360

Heartland Ministries
P.O. Box 14196
Arlington, TX 76094
T/V (817) 861-9421

Heartsong Communications
P.O. Box 2455
Glenview, IL 60025
V (800) 484-8041 ext. 0800
FAX: (847) 324-2336

Higher Learning Systems
1616 Post Road, Suite 3339
Fairfield, CT 06430
(203) 254-9531 Email:

1856 North 1200 E.
North Logan, UT 84341
V/TTY (435) 245-2888

Imaginary Art Products
307 Arizona Street
Bisbee, AZ 85603
1-800- 828-1376

Institute for Disabilities, Research, and Training, Inc. (IDRT)
2424 University Blvd West
Silver Spring, MD 20902
FAX (301) 942-4326

Interax Training Incorporated
P.O.Box 473106
Garland, TX 75047-3106

Joy Enterprise
3800 N. Fairfax Drive, Suite 1301
Arlington, VA 22203
V (703)- 528-4220

Joyce Media, Inc.
2654 Diamond St.
Rosamond, CA 93560;
(661) 256-0149

Kodiak Media Group
PO BOX 1029-KT40
Wilsonville, Oregon 97070

Lily's World Creative Video Productions
P.O. Box 11335
Boulder, CO 80301
V (303) 772-2277
FAX (303) 772-2399

Magic Lamp Production
1838 Washington Way,
Venice, CA 90291-4704
Phone: (800) 367-9661 outside California; (310) 822-2985

Modern Sign Press
P.O. Box 1181
Los Alamitos, CA 90720
V/T 562-596-8548
For orders: 1-800-572-7332

Multimedia 2000
2017 Eighth Avenue, 3rd Floor
Seattle, WA 98101
(206) 622-5530
FAX (206) 622-4380

Multi-media Evangelism Inc
1335 Providence Road
Richmond, VA 23236
T/V 804-276-9083

Northlight Communications
1139 5th Avenue NE,
Seattle, WA 98125
V (206) 361-0307

Potomac Technology
One Church Street, Suite 101
Rockville, MD 20850
V/T (800) 433-2838
FAX: (301) 762-1892

200 Old Tappan Road
Old Tappan, NJ 07675
V 1800-922-0579
FAX- 1-800-445-6991

Random House Inc
400 Hahn Road
Westminster, MD 21157
V/T 1800-733-3000
FAX 1800-659-2436

School Zone Publishing
1819 Industrial Drive
Grand Haven, MI 49417
(800) 253-0564

See-Sign Productions
985 Wedge Dr.
Naples, Florida 34103
941 434-9382
FAX: (941) 434-9479

Sign Enhancers Inc.
10568 SE Washington St
Portland, OR 97216-2809'
V 1800-767-4661
T 1888-283-5097

Sign Language Interpreting, Inc.
330 Hawthorne Lane
Vero Beach, FL 32962-7338
(561) 564-0737
FAX: (561) 564-0738

Sign Media
4020 Blackburn Lane
Burtonsville, MD 20866-1167
V/T 1800-475-4756
FAX 301-421-0270

The Speech Bin
196 25 th Avenue
Vero Beach, FL 32960
V 1800-477-3324
FAX 1888-329-2246

Subtle Impact Software, Inc.
7195 Sand Trap Drive
Colorado Springs CO 80925
(719) 382-54 37
FAX: (719) 382 55 09

Superior Home Video
22159 N Pepper Rd. #9
Barrington, IL 60010
(800) 917-5400
( 847) 381-0909
FAX: (847) 381-1178

T.J. Publishers
817 Silver Spring Ave. Suite 206
Silver Spring, MD 20910
V/T (301) 585-4440
FAX (301)585-5930

Trinity Software
607 Tenney Mtn Highway
Suite 215
Plymouth NH 03264
(800) 352-1282
FAX: (603) 536 9951