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By this point all the students have worked hard writing their stories, getting feedback, improving and editing their stories, and writing "About the Author" and "Dedication" pages. They are now ready to type their stories into a computer and publish their books.


photo of student typing her story into a computer
A young author types up a story - KDES

Prepare for Publishing

Many students love to type on a computer. They seem to be more motivated to go through the entire writing process knowing that, at the end, they get to use a computer for desktop publishing. Students should use word processors that are appropriate for their age and skill level. It can be very frustrating for young authors to have to learn a complex software program when all they want to do is print out their stories.

Publish Book

At KDES, we have a section in the common area where students can make their books. This section has needles and floss (to make sewn-bound books), rings (to make three-hole punch books) and binding supplies (to make other kinds of bound books). We also have several books that show a variety of techniques for publishing books. We want the children to be creative and to understand that every book should be celebrated.



Elijah had been working for several weeks on a book about a cat. After he typed it into the computer and printed it out, E.J. used various book binding supplies to make his book.

book1 book2

book3 book4

book5 book6

book7 book8

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