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How to Set Up the SRP at Your School or Program

The Shared Reading Project can be set up at schools, programs, and organizations throughout the United States. To do this:

  1. Contact your supervisor to find out if the Shared Reading Project has support.
  2. Attend the training, The Shared Reading Project: Keys to Success—Training for Site Coordinators This training course helps understand how to set up the SRP at your own school or program. The training program is of special interest to educators, administrators, and parent leaders. Usually two people (often one deaf, one hearing) who want to become the site coordinators, attend the training. Many participant materials—including videotapes—that will be used to set up SRP at your site are provided at the training.
  3. Work on getting money to set up the Shared Reading Project at your site. The money that you raise is for paying for the tutors, for the book bags, and for other expenses related to setting up this program. See How to Budget for the SRP.
  4. Using the materials from the Shared Reading Project: Keys to Success—Training for Site Coordinators, work on hiring tutors and recruiting families.
  5. As you are working on the Shared Reading Project, contact the Laurent Clerc National Deaf Education Center at Gallaudet University for help and suggestions. E-mail clerc.center@gallaudet.edu.