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ASL Tutor Log for Anderson


Met with the Anderson family today for approx. 1 1/2 hours. Mo. (Linda), Venita, Leslie (sister) were present. 3 books were offered to read with Venita: 1) 10,9,8 2) Rosie's Walk & 3) Have You See My Cat? We spent the most time on "1O, 9,8' & Rosie's Walk. Initially reviewed Mo.'s (Linda's) expectations for the program--she wants to improve her signing skills and expand on stories she can read with her daughter. Venita was excepted about my visit and wanted to be involved in reading the books right away. her attention span is short, but she has good skills in connecting with the pictures. When watching Mo. & Venita read together--it is clear that Mo. already has many natural skills in reading with her daughter. With this family it was hard to figure out where they might use some support--except in helping Mo. with using more conceptual signs while reading. However, Vernita was somewhat hyperactive and at one point began squirming and accidentally ripped a page in a book. Seems keeping sessions brief with her would be best. Next week will work with Fa. (Mo. will be at work).


Meeting time: 6:35 - 7:50

People present: Fa. and Venita (sister was there but working on homework)

Books read: "I Went Walking"
"Mary Had a Little Lamb"

Of these two books, Venita seemed to prefer "Mary Had a Little Lamb. She prefers having all control --and albel what she sees--while seeking confirmation. Fa. (Allen) picks up quickly what I teach him-we focused on conceptual signs, use of space and directionality. We also reviewed 'Rosie's Walks." Taught him use of classifiers for Lamb and Walking. Observed him reading with Venita at the end of this sessions. He makes good use of live of vision & techniques of signing in diff places to keep her attention. However, Venita's attention span is short and she prefers all control--so difficult to keep interaction between them going.


Meeting time: 6:35 - 7:50

PPI Present: Mo., Fa., and Venita
Books Read: "Sitting in My Box"
"Open Your Mouth"

"Sitting in My Box" was a real favorite today. An excellent book to focus on use of space, classifiers, and conceptual signs, and inflection (depending on animal character.) Venita seems to already have had exposure to book in school and demonstrated good ASL skills with animals responses to being bit by the flea. Everyone seemed to enjoy this book. "Open Your Mouth" was a bit repetitive but a good way to practice the same thing. Mo. reports that Venita loved watching the tapes over and over--esp. for "Mary Had a Little Lamb." With "Sitting in My Box" I also taught difference in verb inflection (i.e. "sitting" and command such as "sit").


Meeting Time: 4:00 - 5:30

PPI Present: Ma., Fa., & Veriita
Books Read: "Just this Once"
"The School Bus" (Venita's books)
"Hungry Caterpillar" (but family has it)

Reviewed how things went over the previews week. Andersons say that they read "Sitting in My Box" 5X--liked it better than "Open Your Mouth" because better story line. Felt "Open Your Mouth" was too repetitive. Discussed gestures & role playing pictures (vs) reading word for word. Taught both parents to read 'Just this Once" with focus on actions in pictures and positioning (body) with change in characters. Mo. tends to run story line together so encouraged her to pause between characters--and act out peoples (characters) reactions to what is happening. Some emphasis on ASL mouth expressions with movement. Did one run-through with Mo. & Venita-- encouraged Mo. to do more interaction with Venita during the story.


There was a mix-up today. I went to the wrong family's home--at the time I was scheduled with the Andersons. Stopped by there home once I realized my mistake. Dropped off new books and rescheduled for next Tuesday.


Time: 4 - 5:15 pm

PPI Present: Mo., Fa., Verjita, Leslie

Books Read: "The Big Block of Chocolate"
"The Dark, Dark Woods"

Mo. wrote in her journal that she wanted clarification of signs on a videotape (The Hungry Caterpillar). We stared with this. It was the opening paragraph in the book. "Dark, Dark Woods" after teaching signs--focused primarily of inflection with repeated phrases-encouraged them to thing a lot how they would add meaning through inflection in their voice (if reading to hearing) and how they can add tho through ASL. Taught both parents together & had one feedback to each other. Worked on directionality with verbs (i.e. how to show in space depending on context--such as the word "up). Both parents tent to be mostly focused on the signs themselves--so encouraged more use of facial expression to elaborate the story--demonstrated this again with "The Big Block of Choc."

Parents seemed discouraged at end--I think I need to tone down the " suggestion" with them. Began teaching Venita how to count (about 5) with the ants on last page of "Block on Choc."


Time: 4-5:15 pm

PPI Present: Mo, Fa, Venita, Leslie
Books: "The Dark, Dark Woods" "Big Block of Choc."
"Henny Penny" (new)
"Are You My Mother?" (new)

Today we began by them reading with Venita "Dark, Dark Woods" & "Big Block of Choc." Venita wants full control of this situation -- and was basically able to read "Dark, Dark Woods" independently. Parents made good use of signs in variety of ways -- had diff. with knowing how to let Venita have control but still read together--esp. when she signs things elaborated -- they may miss them (Credited them that she was able to read book alone--a good sign that they we getting the meaning across. This week taught them "Henny Penny". Taught them use of classifiers for group members walking to see Kings. Again worked on inflection and body-shifts with chg. in characters.

Venita already has "Are You My Mo" and was able to read this indep. also. She is beginning to be ready to match print and concepts.


Time: 4:30 - 5:35
PPI Present: Mo and Venita (Dad joined later)
Books Read: "Ten Little Ducklings"
"Bright Eyes, Brown Skin"
Reviewed: "Henny Penny" (good for body positioning)

Today I taught the Mo. signs for 2 new books. I chose -Ten Little Ducklings" because I noticed that Venita enjoys labeling things and is starting to seek support with counting. This is also a good book that Mo. can let Venita have control over and interject the story line in between. Focus on this book was less on ASL concepts and more on Mo. /Venita interaction. Although we did focus some on facial inflection -- as a continuation from last week. I also choose "Bright Eyes, Brown Skin" because it has some contrarily sensitive info in it-but, felt the story line is weak. Seems that books with a good story line (and that would pull for child's curiosity) are becoming scare as the weeks go by. While working on this book focused on conceptual signs for adjectives and body signs. The family immensely enjoyed "Henny Peny" so reviewed this once again. It is a great book to focus on body positioning and use of space for characters. Also worked on facial inflection -- esp. related to characters response to each other. Both parents have made sign improvement on inflection with this story.


Time: 4 - 5:40

PP1 Present: Mo initially, Venita, Fa. & Sister arrived at the end.

Final session--Veriita was not at home initially -- so used the time to discuss the program. Mo. reports that she definitely wanted to continue the program in the fall. Reports that some of the favorite books were: "Mary Had a Little Lamb," "Henny Penny," "Dark, Dark Woods." Discussed Venita's tendency to want all control while reading--and ways the Mo. can work with it--reframed this as her way of building self-esteem--and encouraged her to allow Venita to go ahead but watch for clues when Venita wants her support (ie. with counting, of checking for which words good with which signs, etc.) Used some time to discuss some of Mo's concerns about Venita's development (i.e. compared to older sisters & peers with deaf parents) At the ends of sessions rest of family arrived--took some time to say "good bye" to kids and parents.

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