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ASL Tutor Log for Marks


6:30 pm

I Went Walking

Jen's mother knows a lot of sign language and I can communicate with her easily. Jen and the mother looked so eager when I gave the bag to them. Jen begged me if she could watch the tape and I let her.

Jen's mother is very eager to learn ASL and read book to Jen. She did a great job. She has a lot of patience. When I first signed the book to her, she understood me clearly and then she did that to herself. She did a good job. She even used the facial expression even though I didn't tell her to. She knew what she is supposed to do. Jen cannot read words, just the pictures. I explained it to her that since she cannot read the words, she could make up a little story to make this picture look more interesting. She did that and Jen enjoyed it. But, she still very hyper because her mother said when she's really tired, she tends to get really hyper. She said she will read this book to her the next morning. She does that every morning.

She asked me some questions, like she's concerned with Jen because she couldn't read words and she's afraid that she might not understand the book clearly. I told her that since the book is very be g and at her age, she shouldn't know the words yet, but when she keeps signing the books to Jen every night, it will develop her knowledge later on at a little bit late age, like 6 or 7. She said OK. I also explained it to her that I first learned ASL when I was 6 years old. But Jen is 3 years old and that age is very important for her to read pictures to use her own imaginary and read words for later in future. I told her that Jen did really fine because she knows the letters not words yet. She is fine now. She understood me now.


6:30 pm

Bright Eyes, Brown Skin

Carrie loves this book very much because Jen's black. Carrie said that she noticed that Jen's more interested in books with colored people, not white. She thought the signs of bright eyes was prettier with brown skin. This book has a few words. She added her own words to make the picture look @ted and I was impressed. I assisted her to make an action with expressions and point the things to Jen to make sure that Jen understood what she was saying. Jen enjoyed this book. She has her own silent moment to look at this picture as if she's fascinated with this pictures. However, she's still restless and not pay any attention to her mother. But still Carrie could make up a little story to make her stay and stared at the picture for a few minutes.

I noticed that Jen loves to sit on her mother's lap when she reads this book to her. Carrie did fine with the signs and the body position. She signs in the front of Jen's face, not too close, but regular and Jen could understand it. Sometimes she would move to the side of her mother, sometimes to the front of her mother. Jen's flexible.


When I Look in the Mirror

Carrie still lean-ling. She said she learning a lot from me because I helped her to sign better and the proper way to sign the book to Jen.

At first, I brought a book called "Have You Seen My Cat?" for them. Carrie said she thought this book was a little tough and she felt that she should learn the be g book first and to improve her signing skills first, then she could move on to intermediate books. Because she's not ready for a bit tough books now. I didn't bring another book. So, we decided to use one of her book. She picked the book that she feels is easy for her. When we read this book, "When I Look in the Mirror..." she said it's a lot easier. I helped her a little with the signs, but overall she did it most by herself. I'm impressed with how much she has improved now. She said that book was one of Jen's favorite book and she wanted to make sure if she signs and use expressions were correct. She did them. Now I am sure that Jen will enjoy more.

I noticed that Carrie didn't sign this book to Jen when I was there. So I asked Carrie why didn't she sign's this book to Jen when I'm there. She said because Jen cannot sit down and pay attention to her. Jen always have her mother to sign the book every mornings. Jen's very restless in the evenings. So, she prefer to wait until the next morning.

I feel that Carrie's a lot comfortable with me because I always helped her and because we talked about other things that she wanted to talk about. Or probably because she's from Puerto Rico, just like me and that makes her feel more comfortable.

I feel that Carrie's getting improved every time I go to her place.

The Horrible Big Black Bug

The mother thought that the book was so easy because it has so few words. She acted like a bug. Jen enjoyed her action. She mad the story so simple because the book has a few pages. She likes this book and especially for Jen because she likes bug so much. The book has caught Jen's attention because the pictures was so clear and the mother used her body language like if she was a bug. The mother have improved so much lately.


Good night Moon

6:30 pm

The first book see picked was the Big Block of Chocolate. But as when we got into this book, the mother realized that the book was a bit tough because it has lots of words in it. This goes for Jen's sister whose has a learning disability, too. This was her second time trying to learn how to read a book to Jen, but she couldn't understand everything because it has too many words in it. The book was actually more of intermediate level.

So, I changed the book called Good night Moon. The book belongs to Jen. I didn't bring the easy book with me because I thought the mother would improve a lot by now, but she's still processing slow and improve a little. It takes time. I can still see that she's improving alot, but with the level of books is different with easy level, she's doing great, but with the inter. and adv. books, she's still improving a little trying to learn how to read and summary the paragraph in ASL.

The sit-position is excellent! The signing skills is excellent with easy level book. The body language and facial expression is excellent. She used the facial expression and make up a little story--like where's the telephone--Jen found out and pointed at it, the mother said wow, yes

that's the telephone--now, what color is the blanket? with facial expression. She signed in the between of Jen's face and the book when she was looking at the book.

Jen's sister is trying to learn but she's still nervous. 'Me mother said that the sister of Jen is taking sign language classes at Gally--l think at KDES. I can see that she has the passion to sign the book to Jen but I think it's too early for her to show me her skills. I persuaded her to sign more, she's still backed off a little. I decided to give her a little time to get used with this project. However, I'm still going to make sure that she gets to participate in this project.


Growing Vegetable Soups

Starting at 5pm

The book was easy for the mother. She said that she loved this book because she never knew the signs for vegetables. I taught her every vegetables. She was so eager to learn signs of every vegetables in the book. She is getting improved a lot. She knows how to sign in ASL in the book. I found out if the book has about 3-4 sentences, she is out because she is trying to learn ASL. She said its a little difficult for her to sign in brief of the story. I explained to her that it was unnecessary for her to verbatim the words, just read the whole sentences and tell her daughter what the whole sentence means. She understood me, but she is having a bit difficult times expressing in ASL. S he is learning how to express in ASL now. I'm teaching her now.

About her older daughter, she is still shy. I tried to make her participate in this project, but she's still really shy. I think she prefers to do it in private without me. The mother said she did sign to her sister at night, not often but sometimes when she feels like to. I think she needs to have some time to get involve in this project with her mother and me. I don't want to force her to do it.

Later, after the book, she shared many news to be about her family and especially her daughter, Jen.


Freight Train

Started at 5:15pm

The book was too easy for her. She signs quickly and didn't want to repeat the book. She will read the book to Jen at night. Then after the book, she was so excited to tell something. I was puzzled. She showed me the videotape that she gave for her daughter's birthday, the movie is called "Space Jam." She loved the song so much that she wanted me to teach her the song. I was approved with her idea because I thought it was wonderful that she wanted to do something different to her daughter. She was really excited with her idea. I'm going to teach her the song the next session. After that, we talked about may other things such as the books that she's going to get her soon, about her family problems for 20 mins, not exactly. I think she needed to shared her feelings about other things to me that me tutoring her all the time, all the time for a day. She liked to tutor/talk about important things. She said that she feels a lot better than before--she thought her communication with her daughter is a lot better than before the help of tutor. She thought that tutor is really important to every hearing parents because it really help her so much (learning sign language sometimes, learning how to read in ASL, shared concerns, discuss about deaf issues/culture, among other things. She learned so much through me.


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