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ASL Tutor Log for Smith

April 26

Carrot Seed
Open Your Mouth
Bright Eyes, Brown Skin

This is my first meeting w/the family. Understandably, this is awkward for them but they were excited about having me there ... I feel welcomed there.

We started off w/them sign a story. They looked at me for feedback every now and then. I would sign some parts to Harry.

Harry only seemed interested in cars/trucks & real pictures & stories. So, I'd better look for books like those.

We watched videotapes & talked a little about Erik (Harry's brother) needed attention for signing.

May 3rd

Freight Train
The Dancing Fly

I think this meeting went really well. Although I worked primarily w/the father, I managed to talk to the mother afterwards & offered some suggestions. For example, the importance of Harry's brother signing to him. They would learn sign together & build up their sign vocabulary/fluency.

For the father, I suggested he talk advantage of Harry's building fingerspelling skills cuz that would faster his literacy skills. Harry

signed "B" for something that starts with a "B" so I told the father to take advantage of H s lead & fingerspell the entire word to him. I also suggested some more storytelling especially in new book situation. Because he seemed to ask Harry what each picture is alot more than usual. But I think that's OK for feedback. Making sure Harry knows what each picture means. Well, I suggested more signing & storytelling so that he gets alot of exposure to signs & language structure.

Overall, I'd say this is very good meeting because the family can now related more to me than before. They feel more comfy ... it's obvious in the mother's behavior ... she was telling me stories about Harry & her views; her outlook for the future, etc.

I explained the DJ to them.

They feel more comfortable if I signed the story first. But I think Harry has other ideas. He seemed to want his father to sign the story. Well, in that case I'd better start letting Harry feel comfy enough w/me to watch me sign once in a while. But, its good that Harry loves to have his dad read it. It's important & his father. feels the same way too.

They kept both videotape & Bright Eyes, Brown Skin.

May 14

I brought three videotape/books.

Mary Had a Little Lamb
The Sandwich that Max Made
Manuel the Portuguese Fisher-man

I went through each book with the children present. Parents watched on.

The mother told me that Harry has specific interests in real things ... real people. They often sign the same story over and over. Harry shows an interest in books.

This was a short visit because the mother just found out yesterday that she was expecting triplets & has to be in bed.. -getting lots of rest.

They kept Bright Eyes, Brown Skin again.

May 31

Daniel's Dinosaurs
Ten, Nine, Eight
Ten for Dinner

They told me they use alot of playacting and I encouraged them to do it.

Harry really prefers his father to read the book. But today, they (the children) rather play outside than read books. So, I took advantage of this opportunity to work with the father alone & give him feedback on his signing. We worked on Daniel's Dinosaurs. I told him to follow the pictures as closely as possible. Try to make a story out of the pictures. At least for now, then later on he can follow the words more.

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June 4

School Bus

Worked w/the father on signing. The mother gave him feedback on how to FS words ... FS words close to the printed text so Harry can have to look at two places at once. Helps make the connection between text & FS.

I helped the father as he signed School Bus to Harry.

June 11th

Curious George
Big Block of Chocolate

I learned today that Tom prefers to have me sign the story to Harry so he can watch & learn signs. The parents were a little unsure where they stand in the project & if they've made any progress. If they've learned anything. I reassured them that they were one of the best signers in the programs & that the purpose of this project is to introduce new sign vocabulary & practice with it during reading. Although they are advanced signers, they still have trouble with some signs & some lexical signs.

They would like to continue in the fall & have me on again as their tutors. The felt that they've already learning how to read stories to Harry but I told them ... soon, they will need to introduce printed words to Harry. How to do that is another process ... it's one thing to tell stories according to the pictures. It's another thing to introduce printed English w/sings.

Today, I tried to sign "Curious George" to Harry ... but he insists on his father signing it to him. We managed to get his attention long enough for him to watch me sign. Both the mother & father greatly benefited from this storytelling as they learned or were refreshing their sign vocab. They also asked me questions about signs & the meaning used in specific contests.

June 18

My last visit w/the family.

It's been a good year. I enjoyed working w/this family & would like to continue w/them in the fall. I see Harry & his brothers & sister warm up to me...they feel comfortable around me. But Harry still prefers his dad to read to him. That's all right w/me...I can always work w/the parents first before they sign to their kids ... if they need me to. They're good signers and has such a great attitude toward signing & reading to their kids.

Today, they asked me lots of ?? about signing vocab. Difference between Graduate & Graduate Schools, require & need, etc. I will miss working w/them this summer.

Feb. 17

Well, it's nice to see the family again. I've been seeing them on a weekly basis. Usually Monday nights. And they always served dinner to me. They're such a nice family & the food's not bad either!! I don't charge PCP for the hours I'm eating there! After dinner we'd all adjoin to the living room & begin reading. Often the mother is assigned to feeding the newborn triplets while Dad reads to Harry. Harry insists on having his dad read to him. He refuses to let me read to him despite his father pleading him to let me read the story.

Well, in the end it; s been agreed that Dad would read the story & I'd watch w/some feedback. Sometimes Dad would look at me for a sign... and I'd feed him some signs. So that's how our weekly sessions go . The father is a pretty good signer & has a lot of potential to be good. I've encouraged him to sign & given him positive feedback. I've rarely if not at all ever seen the mother sign/read to Harry. But she'd always sign to him at dinner or in their conversations. This family is a good signing family. Everyone signs to each other no matter what. Sometimes the hearing kids would voice to their parents but both parents almost always sign no matter what.

I stayed there for about 2 hrs.

Feb. 24

I couldn't go cuz of personal conflict.

March 3rd

Dinner again. Reading by Dad but he was distracted by his other children. He did a great job reading & I it interesting for Harry. He seems comfortable signing in front me now...before esp. last year he was esp. uncomfortable & it causes him to stumble on his signing. Now, he signing naturally as if he's been signing for along time. He'd look to me for one or two signs but not much after that.

I noticed his signing was more on the words not the picture. That was OK since Harry seems to be ready for reading. The father told me Harry already know how to read ABC'S. I suggested he sign AND fingerspell so that Harry will know what it'll look like on print. For example, sign MY and then fingerspell M-Y. Then he can make the connection to the printed word to the fingerspelled word to the sign MY. I've suggested pointing to- the words when introducing English to Harry.

I've also suggested making stories from the pictures ... even if they were background picture & not the central focus of the story plot.

The father recognized that techniques and said he would've used it if he had more time. It is getting near bedtime for the kids.

Then I did a brief chat w/the mother about visual phonics & Cued Speech --- how they differ & etc. Seems she values my opinion because she kept asking for my opinion. I told her I don't know enough about Visual Phonics to determine anything.

This is one awesome family to work with.

March 10

Well, as usual the father was expected to read to Harry but he also borrowed a book from the library for Erik the 6 year old hearing brother. He wanted me to teach him how to read that book to Harry.

It's titled "The Rose in My Garden" or -Me Rose in the Garden" or something like that. It was a book heavy on rhyming & each page introduced a new flower ... hollyhocks, lilies, gold .... whatever flower names are there. He said Erik can understand these kind of books but not Harry. I told him he could start of by describing the flower's physically appearance ... i.e. purple flower ... name what? Hollyhocks (FS).

Then he read Superkid... one of Erik's books. I brought "What a Wonderful World" because it's rather easy reading and told the family it’s time to introduce Harry to reading on his own. Emphasis need to be placed on fingerspelling. Sign the word then FS, then show him the printed text. Make flash card out of the word w/pictures tan make the transition to flash cards w/out pictures but w/words so Harry can recognize print word on his own.

They seemed excited about the transition to English reading. They've already taught Harry ABC ... I told them to keep it up & start him on reading on his own.

It's a nice first step.

Dad, Harry, Erik, and Mary (2 1/2 years old) were in the room.

Mom was busy feeding the triplets.

Each child read individually or w/an adult present. Harry still refuses to let me read to him.


Dad read to Harry today.

Nothing spectacular but his signing is remarkable good for a guy who only sees his children 2 hours a night before they go to bed.

He's more involved in Harry's reading than the mother because Harry prefers dad to read.


Brought Harry's favorite book in hopes of introducing printed text to Harry. The family can more on to printed text.

I noticed Harry signed "on RV" at the dinner table & made note w/it to the family that there's an overlap between English and ASL in that situation.

Dad reading to Harry as usual.

April 7

I brought books from the library (but not videotaped books) because they wanted me to bring a book that had easy-to-read printed text. So I brought a couple:

A Place for Ben
Ms is the Farmer

I started off telling a story from a book & not focusing too much on print because Dad was changing diapers.

Then Dad read the other book w/pointing to printed words. He asked me if he should sign SEE. It was an interesting question and I replied w/suggestion that he point toward nouns & main verbs such as DUCK, EAT, DOG, etc. Then I suppose Harry will ask for what does the "IS, THE, THIS" mean? This is where they'll have to explain to harry what it means and how it works.

Maybe introduce it in a learning environment once Harry understands how these auxiliary works. I'm not sure w/the answer to this intriguing questions. SEE or what?

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