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Harvey's Family Reading Journal

May 2nd


Mark arrived and Robert chose the book "I Went Walking." It is a beginner book. Mark had me read the book to Robert--gave me good advice--slow down, point to letters and pictures, make sure I sit so I have good eye contact with Robert. The book was easy for me to sign. Learned a few new signs. It was a bit more difficult for my husband as he is a beginner signer. I was very encourage by his determination to sign the book.

May 3rd Friday

I read the book to Robert. He likes to imitate the signs back to me.

May 4th Saturday

Gary read the book to Robert. Robert corrects my husband. Robert loves to be the teacher.

May 5th Sunday

I read the book to Robert. He likes to point to each word and ask me the sign.

May 6th Monday

Robert wants to read the book to me. He does pretty well. He stops my hands if I try to sign with him or correct him. He wants to sign the story himself.

Tuesday 7th Tuesday May

Robert wants Gary to read him a different book--"School Bus" by

Donald Crews. It is a library book from school. Robert has read this book before--so helps Dad with signs.

Wednesday 8th May

I read "I Went Walking." Robert is bored with book. He signs to me.

9th May Thursday

Mark comes again and brings "I Love Spiders" by John Parker. Illustrated by Rita Parkinson. This book is much more difficult for me and especially difficult for my husband.

10th May Friday

I read to Robert signing best I can (after viewing videotape). I leave out some words and invent or rather substitute signs for words I am not sure of

May 11th and 12th

Gone all weekend. No chance to read. Robert is exhausted by bed time.

May 13th Monday

Read "I Love Spiders" to Robert. He wanted to watch videotape and turn pages the same time as the boy on the tape. Robert doesn't want to read book again after tape.

May 14th Tuesday

Robert wants to read book from school library -Me Mystery of the Boy Next Door" by Elizabeth Montgomery, drawing by Ethel Gold. The book is a bit too advanced for Robert so I do not read work for word. He likes to go through book and pick out words I fingerspell--the children's names and also to pick out words he knows like boy, girl, ball.

May 15th Wednesday

I told my husband it was his turn to read to Robert. Robert does not want Dad to read to him--he wants me. He does not want the "I Love Spiders" book. He wants to read "School Bus" by Donald Crews again. My husband and I both read book to Robert taking turns. Robert knows this book well and corrects Dad if he signs wrong sign.

May 16th Thursday

Mark came and Gary practiced "I Love Spiders" and "School Bus." I read "School Bus" and -Me Mystery of the Boy Next Door." I need a lot of help with 2nd book. It is too advanced for me. Gary has really improved. It is so good to see him read to Robert.

May 17th Friday

Robert wants to read the book "Me Too!" by Mercer Mayer. We both like this book. There are only a few signs (skateboard, sled hold up) that I didn't know. Robert is paying better attention to me when I read to him.

May 18th & 19th Saturday & Sunday

No chance to read. Busy weekend. Robert exhausted.

May 20th Monday

Gary, Robert, and I all read "Me Too!" Robert knows story pretty well now and enjoy reading along with us.

May 21 Tuesday

We have guests over--no time to read.

May 22nd Wednesday

I read "Me Too" to Robert. He was restless--wanted me to turn the pages quicker. I think he is bored with this book, or tired or both.

May 23rd Thursday

Mark came. Really helped us out with the story. I don’t feel awkward at all signing in from of Mark. I am usually shy because my signings slow and not very advanced. Gary also feels at ease. Mark forget to bring another book and tape. Told him we would sign another one of Robert's school library books.

Friday, May 24th

I began signing the book "Our Garage Sale" by Anne Rockwell, pictures by Harlow Rockwell. Many signs I do not know--attic, garage, hockey stick, dusty, ballet (shoes), cellar, tags, model (airplane), puzzles, bulletin board--to finger spelled a lot of words, and pointed to pictures.

Saturday, May 25th

Robert wanted to read "101 Dalmatians' a gift from his teacher, Marcella. This book is very advanced for me, so I just turned pages, signed a little and pointed to pictures.

Sunday, May 26th

Gone all day--no time.

Monday, May 27th

Robert has pink eye. Looks pretty bad. No school today. Doesn't want to read. Wanted to help me paint downstairs instead.

Tuesday, May 28th

Gary read "Me Too" to Robert. Robert still prefers me to read to him or at least least have me in the room while Gary reads. He loves his Dad but it has been Mom that has read to him for so long. g to encourage Michael to allow Dad to read to him alone.

Wednesday, May 29th

I had to go out. Told Gary to read to Robert. I got home at 8:15-Robert was in bed. Gary says Robert does not want to read--he was too tired.

Thursday, May 30th

Had to reschedule Mark. Have a meeting tonight as Kendall. Told Gary to please read "Me Too" to Robert. Robert would not site still while Gary read book. Robert gets bored when Gary tries to read book because Gary's signing is just beginning and he forgets a lot of

signs and stops to try to remember. Robert senses Gary's frustration. Robert is always looking at me when Gary reads book--looking for me to sign correctly. I try to teach Gary signs over and over and he does not remember. Very frustrating for all.

Friday, May 31st

I read to Robert "Me Too." I read a page--then Robert reads a page. Robert knows book now and adds to the story by looking at the pictures.

Saturday, June 1st

Deaf Awareness Day--King's Dominion.

Sunday, June 2nd

Another busy day. Robert falls asleep about 6:30 pm while I am out. No time to read.

Monday, June 3rd

Robert wants to read his "Power Ranger" book. Doesn't have a story-just tells about the different power rangers. We finger spell words and colors. Robert loves Power Rangers.

Tuesday, June 4th

Robert is not cooperating--he is tired and does not want to read-Fine--go to sleep.

Wednesday, June 5th

Robert does not want Gary to read "Me Too" to him. He wants his Power Ranger book. Gary and I sit in Living Room and allow Robert to be the teacher and act out each character and finger spell words.

Thursday, June 6th

Mark comes and brings "Mary Had a Little Lamb." The woman si g on the videotape is so good. Robert loves the videotape. Mark practice with Gary with a list of words Gary wrote down. Even though Gary and I have practiced these words quite a bit--Gary still forgets. He is frustrated. Tells me after Mark leaves that he doesn't think he is learning anything or getting any better. I tell him he has improved a lot whether he re s or not.

Gary finds it a chore to read to Robert. I wish he could just relax and enjoy the time together. For so long I have been the interpreter and Robert always looks to me for communication. It is not that Gary does not care--he loves Robert very much and really does wish he could communicate better. Gary just has a very difficult time remembering signs.

Friday, Saturday & Sunday

June 7th, 8th and 9th

Family in town for Gary's 50th Birthday--no time to read.

Monday, June 10th

Robert and Mom sit and read "Mary Had a Little Lamb" while watching videotape. Robert really enjoys copying lady on videotape.

Tuesday, June 11th

Robert will not sit still while I read "Mary Had a Little Lamb." I change book to "Our Garage Sale" by Anne Rockwell. Pictures by Harlow Rockwell. Robert still not interested. Just wants to look at pictures.

Wednesday, June 12th

Gary and I both read "Mary Had a Little Lamb" to Robert. It is really for practice for Gary--Robert keeps telling Dad sign is wrong and looking for me. I put on videotape and we practice each page--I press

pause after each page. Gary is doing better.

Thursday, June 13th

Mark comes. Decides tonight we will just talk using sign only. Mark tries vary hard to get Gary to sign more. My older son Mike comes home with a friend. Mike and I tell about Mike getting in trouble about fire crackers. Robert show Mark a pigeon (Carrier) that day care children found with a hurt wing. It is in a cage on my back porch. Before Mark leaves, he has Gary practice a while with him.

Friday, June 14th

Gary hurt foot and end up in emergency room--no time to read.

Saturday June 15th

Mom gone shopping most of day. Dad not up to reading.

Sunday, June 16th

Father's Day. Mom reads "Mary Had a Little Lamb" to Robert. Robert knows book very well now and signs along.

Monday, June 17th

Mark's last night here. Gary reads book "Mary Had a Little Lamb." Does pretty good. Still forgets some signs. He is also having a hard time understanding why he is not supposed to sign every word. Mark explains to him about ASL. Mark emphasizes the need for all of us to practice over the summer and how important it is the Gary read to Robert and be a strong role model. Mark has Mike read the book and Mike does well. We all need to practice.

Mark has helped us a lot. I look forward to continuing in the Fall.


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